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Undiognosed illness

My dear Doctors and Medical Students at service,

Firt and foremost, I would like to thank for the efforts put in here by taking your time to answer all our questions.

I have been having a serious medical condition which has gone undetected by these so called Doctors in my country who work only for money not for curing or diagnosing the illness. This is the issue I have.

For the last 1 year, I have been having breathing difficulties which I didn't take much seriously because I thought, it will just go off but to see what, it is increasing day by day. Difficulty in breathing starts at the back. I have to take a deep breath to release in order function the other breath smoothly. Day by day, I am becoming fatigue. My vision is becoming double. My heart beat is increasing. Giddiness. I feel I am getting pushed. Now, I am not having proper motion for the last 4 weeks.

These are the tests I have done so far. FBC, LUNG FUNCTION TEST URINE, LIVE PROFILE, KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST, ECG, ECHO, STRESS TEST (EXCERCISE ECG), BILIRUBIN, SERUM CALCIUM, EEG. According to doctors, they are normal. I am under medication for Epilepsy for the last 25 years. Right now, I am taking medication for Epilepsy, Hypertension and Cholesterol. I have 3 questions.

1) What is my undiognosed illness?
2) Can these drugs influence my blood tests?

Please let me know. I am helpless.
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Cholesterol lowering drugs have a very long list of possible side effects. One side effect I found mentioned breathing issues...

"A 53-year-old man who has a history of hypercholesterolemia with elevated triglycerides and LDL has been tried on different statins to bring down his LDL. He developed musculoskeletal pain even though his creatine kinase was normal. While on pravastatin, he developed shortness of breath, which resolved when the medication was stopped."
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