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Unexplained Yearly Episodes

I'm a 21 year old male and ever since 2012 i've had these terrifying episodes I'll explain later.  At first I thought they were brought on by a change in temperature or barometric pressure because the first three happened exactly the day before the first frost of the year on a yearly basis.  I'm worried now though because I just hard a particularly terrifying one last night at the beginning of spring.  Which might be a sign they're getting more frequent.  I've been to an ER, and they said some of the symptoms seem to be consistent with migraines but i feel like that isn't an exhaustive diagnosis because many of the symptoms i've never heard of from migraine sufferers.  The episode usually starts maybe fifteen minutes before it happens.  My mind starts racing and i feel jumpy like i've had too much caffeine then i start to acutely feel my heartbeat throughout my body.  There is never any pain, and it feels like my brain isn't the primary target of the blood.  As the next ten minutes or so wear on, I feel increasing pressure on my stomach, intestines, inner ears, nose, and eyes.  The whites of my eyes turn red and my extremities start to tingle.  My first sign that this is the episode is i have to go poop really bad.  so I sit on the toilet and I feel like i'm gonna squeeze out every major orafice in my body.  I still wouldn't describe any pain but i feel really terrible pressure in my sinuses, to poop, and the urge to burp a lot.  I also feel an unbearable buildup of heat and usually take off all my clothes and my whole body is red and enflamed.  I don't know if it's a symptom or a coping method but i usually cant keep myself upright on the toilet i'm so disoriented and i end up on the floor still pooping all over.  All the symptoms from the pressure to the awareness of my heart pounding throughout my whole body increase for the next twenty to thirty minutes then they drop in about half the time they took to build up and i have a cool sensation all over.  The next part is the part that worries me the most especially because I've never heard anyone else experience it.  My body temperature plummets below 94 degrees and stays there for as little as twenty minutes to as long as an hour and a half recently.  No amount  of  blankets and hot food seem to be able to change the temperature until my body decides its run its course.  If it is just a migraine and it's not treatable, I really need to know how to react to the symptoms.  Painkillers wouldn't help because i don't feel pain just pounding blood and pressure.  And it seems concentrated just as much on my digestive tract as my brain and major sensory organs.  I don't want to have to be afraid i'm about to die once a year.... or more often if this recent one means the frequency is picking up.  
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1) Have you been ill prior to these episodes?
2) Do you have a history of taking steroids - oral, like prednisone - or inhaled steroids for asthma - or topical steroids?  If so, have these been taken recently preceding an attack?
3) Do you have hyperpigmentation? - excessive darkening of sun-exposed areas of skin, knuckles, knees, elbows, and scars, inside the mouth and the gums
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Also, do you have vitiligo? (Areas of hypopigmented skin - areas of skin that are especially lighter)?
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Well, some symptoms do sound like a migraine variant. I have one that took them year to diagnose because at the time I was in my twenties I didn't have migraine headaches or auras I got cold, then the shakes and then stomach pain the vomiting all night. When I got to the ER I would sometimes have a sudden urge to poop and I couldn't make to bathroom sometimes . I would et dehydrates, low bp, very cold hands tingling. And so forth. So, this is he way I see some of your symptoms, 1.the racing mind, jumpy, fast heart beat, blood rushing may be a panic attack, or an aura? 2. The red whites of your eyes  I don't know, also the pressure feelings I don't know, maybe your blood pressure goes up? 3.  The pooping, tingling. cold, low bp, and you don't mention if you have abdominal pain? Do you have headaches? Pressure in your head pain in the head? Not the ears, are the pressure on the ears one side of the head and the cold? This could be the migraine variant. The way to get diagnosed is to see a neurologist. You can get an electroencephalogram or EEG. It doesn't hurt and they just put wires on your head to see if the electrical part of the brain is too high. I take sumatriptans to abort the migraine but I also take Topamax because I now get severe vertigo and double vision and flying lights and I will fall over. The Topamax takes all that away. I am also on Klonopin. So, you have to get the right diagnosis.  
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Also, is the pressure you feel on the sinus, ear etc. on one side? do you feel you are aware of what is happening at all times when you are pooping getting dizzy and fall off the toilet? Or do you pass out or don't know for a short time what happened until you hit the floor? This could be a seizure. You can also test for this with the EEG. So you can get the migraine and seizure tested at the same time.
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The reason I ask about steroids and pigmentation is these symptoms sound a lot like Addison's disease, with episodes of Addisonian, or adrenal, crisis.  Addison's is a chronic adrenal insufficiency.  Adrenal crisis can occur with Addison's, or in people without Addison's but who are on steroids and stop too quickly or do not taper longer enough.  Go read more about it and see if this sounds like your episodes.
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