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Unexplained chronic dizziness and other symptoms

Hi! So I am a 30 year old woman with some unexplained things going on with my health. So I will try to sum this up. First off, I spend much of 10 years of my life drinking and smoking ciggarettes a fair amount, not everyday, but more than I should have. I still do a couple days a week, but nothing near what I did as a young adolescent.I Not sure if that is a factor so throwing that out there. Anyways, 4 months ago, I wanted to get into shape , was not super overweight(150lbs 5'7) but started working out a good about and eating better. I eat very healthy as well. About a week into my workout, I went to work (waitress) and out of the blue I got super lighheaded/dizzy and had to sit down(felt better from sitting). I eat and drink enough water(every few hours). The lightheaded never went away (feel it everyday since that day) and I now have cronic dizziness and had to quit the waitressing job ive done for 15 years for a desk job because I felt weak and unsteady after a few hours on my feet. First I would feel completly fine then like a switch went off then dizziness.... now just constant dizziness. I feel a fullness in my ears(fluid), pressure in my head, weird feeling in head hard to explain, spacey, just something is not right. It is worse if I try to workout now or do anything active. Even a short walk.. I mentioned to my doctor about a inner ear infection and she said she looked in ears and didnt see anything. I still think I should see an ENT specialist. My legs get very weak when I get this dizziness and i get very tired. Im generally tired all the time now too. I did stress test, wore heart monitor, saw a cardiologist, every blood test you can imagine. I also have a thyroid nodule that is non cancerous. I have alot of back pain and constipation as well. I drink tons of water and had almost every blood test that came back negetive. I was tested for ms in my spine which came back negetive. Next month going for MRI of brain to check for MS there and ultrasound to check blood vessels in neck. A week before the dizziness started I got a weird sensation of instant pins and needles from the waist down that happened for 10 seconds. Doctor could not explain it. Happened 2 times within a week at work waitressing when I was walking around. My legs would feel really warm and I could feel the tingling coming on. I had tingling in fingers and toes for almost a year before that. But that pretty much stopped, just want to figure out dizziness.  I have a copper iud as well and did not take any medicine when this all started. Just started a thyroid medicine to try to shrink nodule. Any advice I would appreciate. I just want to feel normal again.
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Just wondering if you possibly are receiving chiropractic neck manipulations? Sometimes injuries in the vertebral arteries from manipulations or other causes, can result in some of the symptoms you describe.
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Hi Brockovitch!
Thanks for the reply, just seeing this post now. I did go to a chiropractor about 8 years ago for severe upper neck pain and they told me my spinal cord behind my neck was actual bent backwards causing a pinch resulting to pain and some dizziness. They did something to my neck that fixed the problem, but after long days I feel the pain every now and again in my neck.  I did just start running so not sure if I tweaked something in my neck? I tried to go to the chiropractor a month ago to see if that was causing the problem, but they told me describing my symptoms, they did not feel safe working on me and I would need further tests to rule out any problems they could make worse by treating neck problems.
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