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Unexplained constant hunger pangs

For the past four months I have had constant recurring hunger pangs.  I wake up starving in the morning and eat 4-6 bowls of cereal or porridge.  I eat soup during the day, as well as lunch.  In the evening I start supper about 7:00 and eat continually until bedtime at 9:30 or 10:00.  For example, I am small and normally eat
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first off, I take it from your name you are male - if you were female, pregnancy could be a colprut.

Have you tried some strong OTC acid reducers, e.g., Zantac?  If you have the beginnings of an ulcer, that can cause nausea and could also cause stomach pains which, in some instances, are similar to hunger pangs.  

Are you dehydrated enough?  If you are not drinking enough water that can cause stomach pains.  Things like soda, coffee, tea, chocolate all contain caffeine which can cause dehydration.  If you consume large quantites of these beverages I would consider cutting them out of your diet.

Another thing is if you are feeling hungry, it may be your bodies way of telling you that you are missing something in your diet.  Do you eat well-balanced meals?  Do you take vitamin supplements?

Are you experiencing any other symptoms, such as diaheria (sp?), constipation?
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Have you had your thyroid checked?

Hunger was my main thyroid symptom with weight loss.  However, not everyone loses weight or lose it at first.

I went years with periods of weight gain, then weight loss and back and forth, until I could stop losing weight, which is what brought me to the doctors and diagnosed with Hyperthyroid/Graves' disease.

Good Luck.
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I have had the same problem and im female - ive been to pshyc doctors about it. My hunger come from feeling sick - i eat to releive that nashas feeling! It is strange im not sure if you have that feeling - but Im hungry all the time. I cant seem to let my stomach alone and its so bad to constantly fill your stomach - Sorry i dont have a cause either but your not alone!
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You may have an ulcer or acid indigestion. It feels exactly like hunger pangs. I should know, I went through the same exact symptoms that you have. Try taking a Tagamet or similar acid reducer (Tums does not reduce acid, only neutralizes). If you start feeling less hungry in a few days, you'll know that is probably the problem. Avoid coffee, tea, and other foods with a lot of acid. Good Luck!
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my hunger problems aren't during the day they're at night.  i go through my day fine eating my normal amount but then as soon as i go to sleep 4 hrs later i wake up w/ huge hunger pains. i have to constantly eat and then about 1/2 later use the bathroom, so basicly i spend my whole night eating and using the bathroom-but during the day it just stops
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I hope you read this and if you do write back and let me know what state your in.  I was going to say you have a pork tapeworm before I even read haw much pork you eat.  I would almost bet that is what it is.  It is hard to believe but those are the symptoms.  I just went through it myself.  I was losing  weight and eating constantly.  After finishing a meal I would be even more hungry.  I would wake up in the middle of the night starving and have to eat so I could sleep.   The medicine to kill it is very strong but it works the troble is getting a doctor to test for it.  If you can look up th article Critters, a new approach.  write back.  It could also be an endocrine problem like your hypothalmus which controls your appetite.  Look into both.
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I also have the similar problems.  I wake up in the middle of the night very hungry (my growling stomach actually wakes me).  I try drinking some water first & if that doesn't help, I eat something.

This started happening to me a few years ago after I had a 'weird' virus - I was very weak and dizzy for a few days & only felt like sleeping.  But whatever I ate did nothing - I was constantly hungry, especially at night time.  I've had the odd night where I've had to continually eat something every 2 hours because I can't sleep from the hunger.

Some days, whatever I normally eat & satisfies my appetite, just doesn't on these days.  I eat my lunch & I'm hungry within an hour again.  It is so annoying.  I too have had the routine tests including thyroid & insulin levels, but nothing is wrong.  Don't know what to do anymore.
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I would try doing a course of Purify - from the life tree....it wont hurt you to try.  All your problems could lie with any one of many undetected parasites. they cause all sorts of different symptoms in different people. The following link is to the website which is very informative and you can buy the products there as well. Read the testamonils. It worked for me and my daughter! http://www.thelifetree.com/fishtapeworms.htm
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I have something similar, but the symtoms are a little diff.this has happened to me twice within a month.  I'm not sure what it is.  I have sharp pains all of a sudden, in my upper stomach.  Then it causes my back to severly ache.  Kinda feel like throwing up but don't.  And on top of that I have a slight fever about 99.3.  I also have to pee about every hour or half an hour.  Both times it has lasted from 6 at night til 1 in the morning.  These pains feel like I'm absolutly starving, but i know I just ate.  The doctors took a blood sample and I'm waiting for the results.  I'm not sure if it is a weird virus or something more.  My doctor thinks it could possibly be an ulcer.  Its scary cuz I don't want that pain again.
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I have similar symptoms: constant hunger pains, even right after I eat. I have had this for months now and had a weight gain due to eating too much. (I am now on a diet, still constantly hungry though eating nutritious, balanced meals.) I have been taking Prilosec for a week and it hasn't gotten better. I feel like I'm going nuts. I am a 47 year old female.
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I have Barretts esphagus which is caused by acid reflux.Acid reflux problems can cause you to feel hunger pains.Im not sure if this is whats going on with you but if you have heartburn or acid reflux problems it could be.Hope you find your answer soon. Thanks pattymac
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My problems are so very similar. In addition, I have been experiencing sores coming and going inside my mouth. I was diagnosed with a hietal hernia 14 years ago and the resulting acid reflux has been mostly controled through various evolving medications (propulsid, prilosec, protonix, nexium). Just today I visited my gastro dr AGAIN and his best suggestion was to elevate my bed higher and possibly see a "ear nose and throat" dr .... This is ALL driving me crazy.
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