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Unexplained dizziness - help !


Here is my story: about 3 weeks ago, I have developed some unexplained dizziness and a heavy head feeling. I remember the first dizziness spell came after I drank 2 espressos in about 5 hours. No other symptoms, I am otherwise normal and strong, I am working out four days a week at the gym. My girlfriend suffers from dizziness (especially when standing up) and severe short headaches a few times a day. After a sinus x-ray showed a problem resembling an osteoma, she has done a CAT scan and MRI scan, both came out negative. Then a doctor discovered she has low calcium, and indeed when she does a few injections of IV calcium the headaches disappear for about 2 months (dizziness stays), then they reappear but the calcium stays at low levels. She has now been found positive for toxoplasmosis and some small kidney stones. My toxoplasmosis test came out negative (should I repeat the test ?). Also, my blood count test was normal with the exception of eosinophil percentage of 8%.

A few days ago I took a course of Albendazole (3 days/400mg per day) to eliminate a possible worm infection  and begun taking some amoxicillin to eliminate a possible sinus infection. Strangely, after a few days I felt I was perfectly normal again for 2 days, but the dizziness reappeared today.

Some background: me and my girlfriend took care of our cat which had a colostomy done about 2 years ago. This means we were in contact with cat feces. Our cat stayed inside our apartment all the time and was fed only quality cat food, she did not go outdoors.

Now I don't know where to start and what to do next...please help ! Could it be toxoplasmosis ? Could it be a different parasitic infection from the cat ? Could it be something else altogether ? What tests do you recommend ?

Thank you !
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if the dizziness is the only symptom you are having right now then it could be a inner ear infection or low iron
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Since both of you have dizziness it can be due to allergy to cat dander, which can persist for years in clothes, furnishings, air etc. Heavy headed feeling with dizziness can be due to allergic sinusitis due to this dander. This can also explain a higher eosiniphil count. Use a HEPA room air cleaner to clean all rooms of the dander. Get all carpets, curtains, etc dry cleaned. Vacuum the rest of the house well. Use an antiallergic pill for some days.
If your girlfriend has toxoplasmosis, then you may not have eaten contaminated meat. However, yes there could have been contamination by cat feces. So you can retest by PCR reactions and immunostaining procedures as they are more reliable. Take care!
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Well, it seems that very few people post their true diagnostic here after they find it. They post the questions, but you rarely find the true cause of the problem.

Luckily, I have some of the answers :)

My dizziness was a caffeine allergy. As soon as I stopped drinking coffe or any kind of Coke, I was back to normal in 2 days. I am not sure why I developed this, but I am 100% normal again.

As for my girfriend's headaches and nausea/vomiting, the cause was the gallblader not working properly. She not takes a gallblader stimulating drug and the headaches completely disappeared. The dizziness is still there but only when rising up.

Hope this helps...
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