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Unexplained dry mouth for 20 consecutive months

Dry mouth problems started a few months after a sexual exposure. Tested virtually for everything with negative results. Photos of my tongue can be seen in my profile. I am in mi mid 30's, don't smoke, don't take drugs, don't take any medicines.

Tongue has a white coating that does not go away. Thick and foamy saliva with bitter taste specially in the mornings. Trying Biotene for relief but it does not cure it.

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A bitter taste could be from mucus in the throat.

I have had a look at your pictures and it does appear that it could be a fungal problem.

You can purchase without a prescription Daktarin oral gel which is specifically for fungal mouth problems and follow the directions on how to use it.  As you did have oral sex, it is highly likely that you still have a fungal problem.  There are also antifungal tablets and capsules to take by mouth, but the antifungal gel applied directly into your mouth is likely to help you as it is going to treat the problem directly.  A doctor's prescription is required for Nystatin which is an antifungal medication that comes in a liquid form to treat mouth fungal problems.

If your mouth always feels dry making you feel thirsty that you have to have a drink, get checked out for diabetes.  Make an appointment to see your doctor and also get a blood test to check for anaemia.  Having anaemia can also cause tongue problems.

Drink plenty of water and natural yogurt drinks.  Avoid strongly flavoured foods.  Getting a white tongue can sometimes be caused from stomach problems.

Hope you get some relief soon.
Best wishes.
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I'm not an expert but if you google yeast infection on tongue there does seem to be a lot of pictures similar to yours. It does seem it is easy treat which is good news
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If you have used antibiotics, those too can bring out fungal problems.
Some people need to have an antifungal medication to use when they get a prescription for antibiotics.

Antibiotics get rid of the good as well as the bad bacteria and by doing so the fungus that we have in our body starts to get out of hand and causes problems.  You can get fungal infections anywhere in and on the body.
Eating natural live yogurt and cutting out or cutting down on sugary products can help.
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Brushing your tongue in the morning can remove some of the coating but it is an alert that something is going on in your system. The dry mouth -- do you breathe through your mouth when sleeping...and do you snore? I do, and it is really dry in the mornings. Have you seen a dentist recently? Drinking LOTS of water, and the avoidance of spicy foods, sweets, and alcohol could help... and yogurt will replace the good bacteria that you may have lost.
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Thanks everyone.

I have been tested for yeast several times. Except the first time (june 2012) all subsequent tests were always negative.

I tried antibiotics only for 1 week in March 2012. I find hard to believe this could give me problems still about 2 years after.

I have tried Fluconazole, probiotics, yogurts, etc. No results.

I am not diabetic, neither I have anemia.

I don't breathe through mouth when sleeping.

Thanks again everyone  for your concern.
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I think that your post was intended for ashler1977 - I only noticed that you addressed your post to me today :)

But my answers are:

I do not breathe through my mouth - unless I have a cold which is something we all do.

I do not snore - but my husband would argue with that :)
I see my dentist regularly every 6 months.

I drink a lot of water - to avoid getting dehydrated and getting kidney stones.
And I have just recently started a protein diet and trying to cut out all sugar (in fruit and veg and milk).  

I never brush my tongue.

Last year when I had a tooth repaired, my mouth was extremely dry and white and I put it down to the irritation of having had a new tooth done.  I did not have a swab taken, but the doctor prescribed the Nystatin drops (lovely cherry flavour) and I had to have a repeat dose as the first one did not clear up my problem.

I have also been prescribed with Darktarin oral gel which helped too on another occasion.
Many years ago when I had a persistent dry throat, the doctor prescribed Nystatin pastilles to suck, but I believe these are not made any more.  Nystatin can only be got by a prescription from the doctor (in the UK anyway).

I know that having low iron in the body and also low Vitamin B12 can also cause a dry mouth.  Other problems could be from the salivary glands and even formation of salivary stones which can block the ducts.

Having a lot of salt in the diet, too much sugar, can make the mouth dry and cause thirst.  Drinking alcohol, coffee and fizzy coke can dehydrate the body and that would cause a dry mouth.

My dentist does perform tests for a dry mouth and I believe he also has something for that, not too sure as I have not needed to get a test done.
I have an appointment next month, so will find out more about it and will let you know if I find out about anything that may help you.

As the dry mouth happened after having oral sex, I would try the Darktarin oral gel (you can buy this from the pharmacy) and also get a blood test to check for any STDs if you have not already done that.  I know that you (ashler1977) did say that you have been checked for everything, but I believe that blood tests need to be done again after a certain amount of time for STDs.  (You probably know more about that than I do).

Best wishes to you both.
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already did several STDs tests several months and even years post incident. all negative.
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