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Unexplained ear pain and fullness & pressure behind the nose and tightness in throat


So for the past 4 weeks I've had these strange symptoms. I get such extreme ear fullness sometime that it's hard to function. Yawning and things like that give me like a 3-4 second relief. It is also accompanied by intense pressure behind the nose and tightness in the throat. It's this bad when I am lying on my back and it feels like someone is putting pressure on the back of my head and that is what's causing it. Therefore I cannot sleep on my back anymore either, cause it makes it worse. I went to get a massage the other day and was on my stomach and I got the same pressure behind the nose and ears as I get when I'm on my back. Didn't make trying to enjoy my massage very easy. Whenever I am standing up or doing my daily stuff, it doesn't get as bad, some ringing in the ears and one ear clogs for like 10 seconds but goes back to normal. It is also that bad when I'm in bed and reading with my head slightly in the upright position. That's when I get the most intense tightness in the throat and pressure behind the nose. IT feels like my sitting in that position or whatever is causing some kind of blockage and normal stuff can't get through for me to function, if that makes sense.  But as soon as I go on my side to sleep for example, it goes away. Some other things I have noticed is that after a nap my ears hurt and my brain is extremely foggy. Also when I have this ear fullness, when I start eating and chewing it gets better. I used to have headaches as well for the first 3 weeks of these symptoms but they have gone now. I have seen a ENT, she said that I don't have any infections, but only looked at my nose and ears for like a second. I'm not sure if she was in a hurry and didn't care or there's nothing wrong. I haven't had any coughs, cold or runny noses either. I have been on allergy medicine before everything started, so cannot be allergies. The pain isn't bad but it's extremely irritating, like I go through every day being on a plane with this intense pressure, that's very uncomfortable. I just want to know what is wrong with me, because I think this has already given me health anxiety as well as I can't figure out what's going on.
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