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Unexplained neurological/GI symptoms for 1 year now

I have had unexplained neurological/GI symptoms for the past year including weakness in the hands, arms, and legs, tinnitus, hand tremors, partial numbness in the arms, fasciculations in the legs, constipation, and occasional diarrhea and nausea. MRI was clear. Blood tests normal. Stool tests normal. I am 56 years old. I had similar symptoms about 20 years and they went away after about 9 months. This time they get better then get worse again, then better again. Also have trouble sleeping, but this could be due to anxiety. Anyone experience something similar. I did have ciguatera poisoning once but that was in 1997. I have an elevated mercury level but the docs don't think that it likely explains the symptoms. MS has been bought up of course but nothing showed up on the MRI and I think I am little bit old for this. I did wonder about RRMS, and whether I might be coming out of a 20 year remission, but not sure if remissions this long have ever been observed. Anyone have any ideas what this might be? Thanks.
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Take any supplements, especially with iron or B6?  Had your thyroid checked, not just for Tsh but for T1 and T2?  
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Consider requesting testing for Chiari malformation with an MRI of at least your head and neck.  That is my diagnosis and I have experienced many of your symptoms
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I agree that thyroid levels should be tested... Free T4 and Free T3, along with TSH and thyroid antibodies for Hashimoto's.
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Thanks, Barb, while I do know nutritionists who believe one should test for T1 and T2, I meant to say T4 and T3.  My bad.
Nothing bad about it.  I wasn't trying to contradict you, although I've never heard of there being a test for T1 and T2.  Scientists aren't even really sure of the activity of T1/T2, but I know there are people who believe they have a lot of benefit, which makes sense... why else would we produce them, if they weren't needed for "something"?  

If you know of tests for them, I'd be interested in knowing what they are, how to get them, what levels should actually be, etc since I've never seen them on any list of thyroid panel tests...  

Personally, since I've switched to desiccated hormones, there have been a couple of positive changes that can't be attributed to FT4 and FT3 because those are both below range with the reduced dosage...  makes me wonder what else they could be attributed to.    

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