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Unexplained swelling around eyes and cheeks..

My four year old daughter has suddenly developed swelling around her eyes, nose and cheeks.. Eyes and cheeks are mildly red and doesnt seem to hurt. The skin has small bumps. No obvious bites, wounds or throat swelling.. No circumstances have changed recently to make me think allergic reaction, and shes never had an allergic reaction to anything. She recently got over a mild feverless cold with congestion and runny nose.. Any ideas?
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It definitely sounds like an allergic reaction because of the small bumps. If it were a sinus infection there would be pain and fever associated with the swelling. Your daughter is still young and has not likely come into contact with all possible allergens yet. It is also possible to develop allergies to things we were never allergic to before. Try benadryl for kids and follow up with your doctor. Hope she feels better soon :o)
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My mom says that little virus ended up being strep throat and  left un treated can cuz (Nephrictis)( not sure if spelt right) which goes into the lungs and  can cuz swellin and give a rash as well
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When my daughter was about 3 or 4 we went to a birthday party where one of the she and one of the kids thought it was funny to smear the chocolate on their faces. After pictures of this her face was cleaned and she had the rosiest cheeks I have ever scene. She could consume chocolate with no problem but when it came in contact with her skin she got contact dermatitis. Watch what she eats and if it come into contact with her skin for long periods and you may have your answer.
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