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Unintentional weight loss, diarrhoea, sharp pains over body, symptoms getting worse

I am 22, female, 5"4 and 8 stone 9 lbs. Last year June I was diagnosed with dysentery in Egypt, which led to alot of blood loss, extreme pain, weight loss, diarrhoea with mucus and loss of appetite. After a course of antibiotics it simmered down along however I was left with milder version of the symptoms. I took a stool sample after the antibiotics which showed no dysentery. I continued to lose weight (4 stone over a year without trying), diarrhoea, blood both bright and dark black, mucus, extreme tiredness and belly pains. I have been suffering with this ever since. After going to the doctors, I was referred to a gastrologist, and had a colonscopy of my lower bowel. They suspected I had IBD however my results came back negative and they said I must have IBS.

I started to then twitch and have whole body jerks. It felt as though an electrical current was running through my body from my head. The jerks have been motor and vocal. I went to the doctors and they said that it was the loss of electrons due to the IBS (stomach issues).  Since then I started to get further symptoms and they have got worse and worse listed as follows :

Pins and needles in my legs and hands
Pain in head (unlike any headache/migraine I've ever experienced. It's different.)
Right side of face goes numb
Mouth has twitched on the right side
Get twitching all over plus jerking of body
Random sharp pains over my body, it feels like nerve pains. I have experienced it on my face, fingers, hands, arms, legs, feet and back. (I have also woke up with a random pain in my foot that is consistent with now swelling etc. And then it's gone days later)
Tiredness - I wake up tired, constantly tired - I can do something and feel instantly drained. My limbs feel tired to even lift
Dizzy Ness / lightheadedness
Memory loss - I've started to forget things which scares me as I'm only 22
Head feels funny most of the time
Diarrhea (I still get it)
Weight loss (4 stone - I'm still losing it)
Numbness on face as well (right side)
Pain in my jaw
speech has changed - finding it harder to get words out
Nausea plus dry heaving
Visual changes (black spots and blurriness)
temple pain in the right side of my face  and I have felt a vein pulsating out of the temple
Pain in foot / legs that comes and goes
Chest pains - this has started recently
Scratching my ankle yesterday and then part of my foot start twitching
Right leg goes dead
Bruising easily
Muscles spasms
Period has changed - longer/ heavier plus spotting

I went to the doctors with this information and they just said stress. I don't believe this is stress as I tried telling him I haven't been stressed about anything ! I'm in constant pain and these symptom are an everyday occurrence. He said that the colonscopy may have missed the IBD but everything else he cannot explain and as I am a student I must be stressed which is causing it.. i havent been stressed. I can barely even get out of bed, because i have no energy. What could it be? It has been getting worse.

Thank you
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I also left out, i've become 'clumsy' i stumble (nearly fall) quite a bit
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Many of these symptoms can be caused by any intestinal issue that leaves you mild nourished and dehydrated.  I would suspect you picked up some intestinal virus/infection while traveling, not just dysentery.  Find a doctor willing to run tests until he finds what it is exactly.   Obviously, it was stronger than the antibiotic dosage or you needed a different one.
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Research Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression). It's a known cause of chronic fatigue and 100 other problems, many of the ones you're experiencing. It's a rarely diagnosed condition that many doctors aren't aware of. A vascular surgeon may be a better kind of doctor to visit. I know a lady that has this condition and has a blog and support group for this and other vein compression syndromes that aren't even known by many doctors. If your interested in more info, send me a private message.
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