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Unintentional weight loss help!!

Hi im 22 yrs old im haveing a problem with my weight for some reason.My normal weight 5yrs ago was 115lbs i could never loss weight nor gain it,which was fine.4yrs later i boticed my weight slowly going down so i went to my co workers doctor that delt with weight issues ,he had sent me to a nutrionist to find out why i had to write a diary of what i hate in a normally day ,so when i gave it to her she read it and said i should be alot heavier then what i was and told me to start eating healther.So i started to do that,to come to find i was pregnant with my second child.Was happy thought i would gain weight but sure enough it was so hard to i only gain 15lbs which was my normaly weight 4yrs ago. After haveing my daughter i lost my prego weight and then some really fast with out tryong of course..well about six months later i noticed i was loseing more weight thought it was just stress ,plus extra exercise i was getting with two small children.Well now my daughters 16 months now and i weight 86lbs.when i was 95 went to my doc he told me to start drinking ensure i think its call well that did not nothing plus he ran the normal blood tests to see what was happening everything was fine.So i start drinking another drink that had 1010 calories pre serving 4 times a day that sure enough did not do nothing and still loseing weight.Still going to the doctors telling him im lossing more weight so he ruled out i had ibs because i always had an issue with my bowls but they were getting worse this yr he gave me "dictel" to take to treat ibs which did not help with the bowls nor the weight..Not to long staring the meds I started having alot of pain in my right abdoman/pelvic area..was told i had a kidney stone a cyst on my ovaries all on the right side oouch  which the pain is still there now moveing to my left side..lower middle back pain and i havent got my period yet im three days late but they did an unltrasound when they ruled out what was causing the pain and blood work that came back fine now im lost on why i weight 86lbs and no one seems to do nothing about it or no the problem ..Always had pain in my abdoman area and pelvic area for a while just to let you know..If you can give me some ideas on what it sounds like please let me now thanks..
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I forgot to mention i get very bloated after eating a meal just started happening when i was told i had the kidney stone and cyst on my ovaries.Im also loosing my appiette some days are good the others arent so good.At night have alot of stomach noices not hungry ive also been feeling some pushing up from under my skin just about where my right hip bone it done to my pelivc bone still to the right it fells kinda rippley i guess.I fell it more when im lying done or when i have a pains which i always have but when they come bad.Told my docotor  he just look at me weird..lol..Going to see a specialist about my bowls soon.I have alot of discharge dont no if its normal.Have had tissue looking white thinking in my urine when i use the washroom,the hospital told me it was tissue breaking from my utreus and my family doctor really didnt say much its discharge but have had it for a month now dont know if its from the cyst ,or kidney stone..Just thought i would add that in sorry its long nut i need answers thanks ..
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