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Unknown Health Problems

Ok, so i'm about to turn 18 (B-day in feb) i've had health issues ever since I was a kid, but became more severe once I hit puberty. I know for a fact that I have bad asthma, and i've diagnosed myself with Celiac Disease after going on a wheat/gluten free diet for about a year. Unfortunately the effects of that vanished and brought forth more of my health problems. I've been in and out of hospitals since I was 12, and been to every docter within every area, town, and city near me. They ALL just say i'm fine and then blame it on me acting like i'm sick for attention then send me to a shrink. Here's a list of all my symptoms I could think of at this moment. Light headed, dizzy, headaches, migraines, fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pain, lack of
energy, sweating, fast hard pounding heartbeat, slow spacious heartbeats, weakness,
multiple tingling and numbness on every body part possible even my lips and eyelids..., Temporary vision loss, Confusion , Speech difficulty, Dream-like feeling. There are times that when I get really bad that I get extremely pale with dark circles under my eyes, pale lips, and incredibly dialated pupils. Even my own family tells me to knock if off like I keep faking it all. At one point a way back I was just standing around and got such a severe headache or migraine it felt like my brain was being squished through my ears and was gonna come out of my ear or nose and I grabbed my head and made my way to my mom in the other room and fainted right into her arms. I don't know how long I was out for but once I came to my mom said to me later that when she asked me things I didn't know what she meant, where I was, and when I tried to reply I wasn't understandable. A few weeks either before or after that I woke up one morning and when I opened my eyes all I saw was complete whiteness and the most intesnse pain shooting through my eyes and the feeling that my eyes were being burned so I layed there for a while with my face burried in my pillow til it went away. Every bit of these experiences, feelings, and symptoms went away for about a year or two then came back just about 3 months ago. I had even been asthma-free til that came back too. But odd thing is that they didn't slowly come back, no. I woke up one morning and BOOM. I felt like I was gonna roll over in my bed and die. I have been bed ridden from weakness so bad my own body would fall down from it's weight, and due know, I don't even think I weigh more than 100lbs right now. It had eased up a little this week so I can atleast walk around a bit, I can eat and feel my body. I can breathe a little easier which is difficult to do due to the fact i'm sadly allergic to every inhaler there is besides xopenex HFA. Any other inhaler will instantly immobalize and close my lungs without a single thing to help it stop. I never had asthma before til a point not too many years ago at a house we had bought. One day my mother was steam cleaning the carpets and noticed a little black spot at the very edge that meets the wall, so she pulled it up a little and kept pulling. The horror she then saw was our home's entire floor engulfed in it's OWN carpet of black mold. The floor i'd fall asleep on cuddling with my cats, laying on when I watched tv. She flooded the floor with pure bleach and we moved, and so i've had asthma ever since that. Was I tested for it in my system? Honestly, no. My docters never had enough care too and said I was most likely fine. Any way, For all the symptoms I had I am always getting blood tests contantly and they always turn out ok. I noticed though most of the time it's usually my heart, and head that always cause and have the most symptoms. OH. Another symptom, a major one I have, My whole body from my belly button down turns purple, blue white, pink, red, every time I stand even if it's for 15 seconds. It's hard to take showers with it cause when it happens it weakens me, and my heartbeat starts messing up by either speeding up and pounding, or so slow that it barely beats and skipping beats and pounding. I considered porblems with blood my circulatory system, but yet every doctor just ignores it and tells me it's nothing. I get random odd colored blotches all over my legs, including one that got so bad that I think it's a permanent discoloration now...I have no where else to go for help, besides online. Mother blames me saying i'm bipolar? My sisters saying I need to quit acting like this and scold me with the look of them being dissapointed in me...(The worst some one can do) any help or anything I wil GREATLY appreciate, so please, don't hesitate to reply with anything you can. Please, and thank-you in advance.
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how many doctor have youn been to and do you live in big city or small town
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Your history is quite suggestive of the fact that you have toxic black mold related lung problem. However you must confirm this by simple blood tests which detect the toxins in blood. The next step would be treatment, which is usually aimed at removing the toxins from the body. Left untreated the toxic black mold syndrome can affect other systems too. Do consult your doctor, another one if this one will not listen. Take care!
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No, no, no. Unless You're mom is a psychiatric, then I would say she stop diagnosing you. First, if you have insurance, make an appointment by yourself to see the family Dr. and tell him all you suffer from. There are alot of tests other than blood tests to help you with your condition. Second, make an appointment with a mental health professional, to vent out yoour concerns.
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I live in a very small town and honestly i've been to arround 10 or so docs? I make lots of doc appointments but they don't have anything to say beside "It's nothing, you'll be alright." The doctor I have now doesn't even know what a heart murmur is, what asthma is, he hardly knows anything. He types down people's symptoms into his comp if he actually wants to and looks up what might be wrong with you on google....-_-
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