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Unknown bubble at anus

23 yo male whos got a bubble in my anus. when i need to "take a poop", after when im done i can see in the mirror that there's a bubble feeling like thing say like 1 cm in diameter in my butt. about 30secs-1min later its gone. i don't see it anymore. this has been happening for a month now. posting to see if this is something major. thanks.
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Difficult to say without examination.  

An abscess, cyst, mass, or rectal prolapse can all be considered.  

A digital rectal exam or anoscopy can better evaluate the finding.  If rectal prolapse is suspected, a surgical referral can be considered.  

If an abscess is present, it would need to be drained.  A mass or cancer would again need the services of a surgeon.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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If you are straining to go or sit down alot you may have hemmoroids. Do you ever have blood on the toilet paper or in your stool ot toilet? Does it hurt when you have a BM or need to have one or if you're sitting on a hard surface. If you are overweight or doing heavy lifting, those can be a strain on your large intestine. You can try over the counter hemmoroid creams to see if it makes a difference, add more fiber to your diet and drink more water.  If nothing helps and it's stressing you out see your regular doctor.
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I am not a medical person, sorry.
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there was never any blood. i do a computer related job, i sit anywhere from 2-5hrs daily, sunday usually 8 hrs. i weigh 160lbs. i only/have sat on a desk chair. no heavy lifting.
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Just recently I found this flesh looking bubble type thing near my anus and at first it was a small bump but now its gotten bigger and another one has developed. & Ive been researching on what it could by & most resources say it could by STDs. But isnt STD only transfered through intercourse?

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If it is near your privates then it can be transfered just like a drop of semen before the orgasm can get you pregnant.If it hurts and throbs it can be an absess from shaving the area or an ingrown hair. Try hot soaks with ebson salts or table salt, several times a day. Or atleast very hot washcloth applications for 10 min several times a day.  If it doesn't burst pus then it needs to be lanced or checked by a doctor to see exactly what you have. Don't wait too long, if it hurts and won't bust in 2 days see a doctor. If it doesn't hurt see a doctor soon and don't have any kind of sex until you know what it is!
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