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It started few years ago, I had sinus infection and I went to urgent care, they prescribed antibiotics. I took it, but it didn’t help. It seemed like it only gotten worse. I came back to the doctors and they prescribed me another antibiotics. Halfway through taking those I noticed that I start getting sharp pain in my left cheek bone and my left ear. Pain pills weren’t helping,  I tried putting hot and cold compresses, massaging, but nothing was helping. It lasted about two months before pain starts wearing off and I noticed that my face went numb,  just my left side. Inside and out. From under my left eye, half of my nose, chin, lips, tongue, gums and my teeth. My left ear became very sensitive on inside. It feels like if I had a shot of Novocain that never wore off. I went back to the doctor and let her know about the new issue I had. I was checked for ear infections and bell's palsy and it was negative. I got a referral for a ear nose and throat doctor.  I had audible test done which came out fine and there were no issues there. After that I had Brain MRI with and without contrast which came out perfect as well. Doctor told me I am absolutely healthy and should wait for numbness to go away on it’s own. I waited for about a year, it started to get worse, I start having head pressure, not all the time but on occasions, gets pretty bad when weather is changing. I get dizzy, my vision starts to get blurry. I had to wear sunglasses while driving at night because I couldn’t handle the light from oncoming traffic. I went to see neurologist, had nerve conduction velocity test done and that came out fine too, doctor suggested it is a Tense Neck. I did physical therapy and it didn’t help. Last year I start having anxiety and panic attack’s while driving, because of those head pressures. I don’t know what to do anymore,  It’s been going on for 3 years now and I really wish I could take care of it already. I am female in my late 20’s and growing up never had any serious health issues. I would really appreciate an advice on where else I could go and what doctor to see and what tests to ask for. Thank you.
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We're not doctors here, and I think you need to see a specialist who will do a more thorough job than you've had so far.  That would mean, unfortunately, going to the places where they do that sort of thing, such as the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins or the Cleveland Clinic.  When the run of the mill docs can't help and you're still having a problem, it's time if you can travel and can afford it to see better docs.  Hard to see what else you can do at this point.  I do want to say, how do you know you had a sinus infection?  Most docs give antibiotics for this without actually diagnosing it.  Antibiotics are not recommended for sinus infections, as they go away on their own almost all the time, whereas antibiotics can create drug resistant bacteria and kill off the organisms that protect your health.  That can lead to worse problems.  That being said, the symptoms you're describing are way beyond what anyone on the internet can help with.  I would ask, though, did you ever have your dentist look at it?  Is it possible you have a bad case of TMJ or a problem with the nerve that runs along the teeth?
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Thank you for your answer, I did forget to mention that I also went to the dentist and had panoramic XRay done to see maybe I have wisdom tooth coming out and it’s impacted, but that wasn’t the case. My teeth are in a good shape. I never had any issues in that area.
After just finished watching few youtube videos and reading the comments in the video section the one thing i learned most suprisingly was the efficiency of X-rays at the dentist to discover infection was poor and the dentist's never tell that to the patients. Get Second opinions on everything.
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it can be all too much at times. but the solution can be something very simple. JUST remind yourself when you were normal what was the ODD thing that you did which caused these symtoms to appear. For example for some people having root canals is cause for other health problems to arise later that's just an example. Think before the problem of anything that you had got done or were simply doing different or eating something different than normal which may have caused this problem that you are experiencing now. #BELIEVE in your mind and will power to overcome this problem sooner or later. Your best dr is your MIND because the way you know yourself even the dr doesn't.
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