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Unsanitary home - clean now, but dizzy, tired, nausea, confusion.

Hello, I know this is unusual but I need factual help on this. I talked about it to my doctor and he dismissed it.

My place has been severely unsanitary in the past. At some point my personal hygiene was very bad and I fell sick. Constant nausea, cold sweats, tiredness, dizziness, confusion. The sensation of being drunk. Feeling close to fainting, even at rest.

Even after cleaning, I still feel sick. My head starts spinning as soon as I spend time home. It gets better instantly when I spend a few days elsewhere.

What to do about this place? What to tell doctors to get appropriate treatment? Thanks.
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Have you tested your house for mold? You can get an inexpensive kit at most hardware stores and test yourself before calling in a professional. The prices range from $10USD up.

If you're feeling ill at home, but not other places, that would be the place I start. If you have mold in your home, you can get that remediated and start feeling better.
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Hi, maybe the cleaning products themselves are also stirring up an immune response.


Mast cells are immune cells that might be orchestrating all your symptoms. You can look into trying an OTC mast cell inhibitor, like quercetin.
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Yes, I would do a mold test.  You may or may not see that.  You also could do a radon test.  Do you have allergies where dust could impact your sinuses making you dizzy?  And what about rodents? If you've had them, they could leave excrement that you maybe don't see like urine.  Do you suffer any psychological issues?  Your issues of nausea and dizziness also may be unrelated to your home.  I would investigate with a doctor what else also could be causing this.  But it does sound perplexing.  I'm really glad you got your house cleaned up, that in itself can feel really good.  
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