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Unusual, Undiagnosed lip/mouth sores. HELP!

Has anyone ever heard of lip issues that include large ulcers on outer lips, that slowly scab up in a thick dark scab, but pus and bleed at times?  Also before these sores get large and scab, I have alot of canker sores inside of my mouth that get really large and painful. Also, this causes considerable swelling of my mouth/lips? I DO NOT HAVE HSV/ HERPES/ COLD SORES!!!! (Doctors have tested me ike a million times, and I have had 4 lip biopsies that have had no clear results)

History: First began when i stabbed myself on both sides of my bottom lips with the hooks on my braces 3 YEARS AGO!!! Keeps reccurring, and the sore ususally begin inthe same spots... : ^(

Please help me if you have heard of this, or know of someone who this happens to. I have seen a million doctors and no one can help, and it comes and it goes, and a full course last about 2 weeks long. I'm desperate!!

The picture does not show the dark scabbing, only the sores.
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if you stabbed yourself with hooks from your braces maybe there was a bug of somekind on the braces and is now infecting your lips and comes abck all the time as it has not been cured. try a lip cream with antifungal init and see if that helps.
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ever get a HIV test?
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Maybe there is an underlying system problem going on that is at the root of the problem. Here are a list of diseases that have mouth sores as a symptom. I'd also get your b12 checked.

Medical conditions associated with mouth ulcers
The following medical conditions are associated with mouth ulcers:

Behçet's disease
Bullous pemphigoid
Celiac disease (gluten sensitivity)
Crohn's disease
oral lichen planus
Lupus erythematosus
Oral thrush
Ulcerative colitis
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Yes all those and ANY OTHER AUTOIMMUNE condition pluss almost ANY VIRUS EBV,CMV,HIV,HSV ECT. PLUSS all the things you listed are caused by a underlying condition (like you do not just get thrush as a healthy adult there has to be a underlying condition like HIV or DIEBETES) There are probably hundreds of conditions and diseases that could cause this but lets get real and start with the most common first since he ruled out HSV the next step would be rule out all viral causes including HIV
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Well I have seen like three dermatologist, and they have given all sorts of creams and things like that (because sometimes there is a secondary infetion involved) but even with the ointments it still last about the same 2 week course, whether on medications, or ointments or just nothing at all...
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I have been tested for HIV as well and everything comes back normal, all of my biopsies, and blood test and i had bood drawn for auto immune disorders and vitamin definiencies and practically tested for everything under the sun, and none of the doctors (dermatologist, internal medicine, general practice, oral surgeon. etc) have been able to pin point anything. I will be having a colonoscopy/ endoscopy in a week to see if it is Crohn's, but i doubt it will  be. I'm just so discouraged right now...
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