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Unusual sensation in hand

I have for, the last week, experienced a strange feeling starting at the base of my left hand (near the wrist) and traveling to the tip of my little finger, I would describe it as numbness or a burning feeling. My movement or use or the hand and fingers are not affected. The only thing noticible is a small hard spot under the sking at the base near the wrist, almost like an internal wart. Should I be concerned? What speciality would I contact concerning it?
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The "warty" thing like mindovermayhemFL says is likely to be a ganglion.  These are little lumps of fat that are harmless, but sometimes they can press on nerves causing irritation.  So it is possible that this is pressing on the nerve that runs to you finger.

Also the sensations that you are feeling in your wrist are that of compression of nerves that run inside the carpal tunnel.

Usually with carpal tunnel problems, this does not affect the little finger.  But compression of a nerve in the spine in the neck area can.

Your doctor will be able to let you know what this is and also a nerve conduction test will confirm whether you have carpal tunnel problems.

In any event, support the wrist so that it is not allowed to flex up or down to allow the inflammation in the carpal tunnel to recover.   You can buy wrist supports from the pharmacist.  Also if you do a lot of repetitive work, you will have to make modifications so that the condition does not worsen.  If you ignore the symptoms and do nothing about it, I guarantee you, it will get much worse.

If you work at a keyboard, you may have look at the way you sit and the way you place your hands over the keyboard.  If it is work related you may have to enter this as an injury at work and get an assessment of your work station.  

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I'd say Carpal Tunnel, except for the wart thing. A general MD should be able to take a look, and if further examination is needed, just ask for a referral  to a good specialist :) Good Luck!
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My mom had a similar thing when I was in high school. It turned out hers was what they call a ganglion (i may have spelled that wrong) cyst. She also had carpal tunnel syndrome. I would suggest going to see a doctor to have it checked out. Good luck!
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Well i sometimes have that same sensation, but i've never had the feeling of a wart under the skin. I think that you should see a doctor  about it.
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