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Upper Leg/Lower Abominal Pain and Leg Paresthesia

I'd had a set of quite acute symptoms that so far have sent me off to doctors 7 times.  So far nothing definite has been found.  

I have no previous or family history of any serious medical problems.


Two weeks ago, I started getting persistent pins and needles in the left leg (appears to be the thigh,front, inner and back).  The pins and needles are there even when the legs are not crossed and I'm just sitting or lying normally. This is accompanied by constant dull pain in the upper part (thigh) of the leg.  The problem does not appear to change with exertion, and there is no obvious swelling or marks on the leg. ( However, there are a few unexplained brusies).

Initially fearing a bloot clot/heart/circulation problem, I had EKG's, blood tests, blood pressure checks and basic ultra-sounds of the arteries.  They showed nothing.  

Additional symptoms developed as follows:

General abdominal discomfort (strange sensations of stomach movements, abnormal shivering after cold drinks), mild chest discomfort (left side) and sharper pains which appear to be coming from the area below the abdomen and above the groin (left side) - the bladder area?

The sharper pain seems to be in the bladder/lower abdominal area: However, a digestive problem seems to be contradicted by these facts: A physical doctor's examination for possible hernias or lumps (including a check of abdomen) found nothing.  Urine tests seemed normal and there are no clear urinary abnormalities.  There are possibility some bowel abnormalities - occasional diarrhea and difficulties with defecation (sticky stools), but nothing clear-cut.

A standard Chest X-Ray was normal.

The paraesthesia sensations suggest something neurological perhaps.  But a detailed neurological examination shows no other neurological symptoms.  

I'm seeking any advice as to possible causes, and any scans or tests that you'd recommend to try to narrow down the possibilities.


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If you've been to 7 doctors, it would be unlikely that I can come up with something new over the internet that hasn't already been considered.

I would consider further neurological tests including nerve conduction studies, as well as MRIs of the brain and spine - the latter test would exclude central nervous disorders.  They can be discussed in conjunction with a neurology referral.

Ensure that the pulses to the legs are intact.  Blockages in the arteries here can lead to pain.  Obtaining peripheral vascular studies can accomplish this.  

Regarding the GI symptoms, I would consider blood tests to exclude celiac disease as well as sending the stool off to evaluate for malabsorption.  A colonoscopy should be done if not already.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
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Routine X-ray examinations of my back and hip found a left-hip pathology, the onset of osteoarthritis.  My doctor thinks this could account for my symptoms, via an entrapped nerve in that left-hip region.
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