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Upper right leg pain shows up without known stimulus

In spite of being a healthy 21 year old female, I've always had minor issues with joint pain.  However, of late that pain has increased along with another symptom.  

In June of 2009 I started to have an odd pain start in my upper right thigh that made it difficult to put weight on it seemed to show up when I went from sitting to standing.  After taking a few steps the pain would go away.  Now it doesn't seem to have a specific trigger.  It comes and goes in cycles, where it's really bad for a week or so and then disappears.  It also occasionally moves into the mid part of my thigh  

I've gone to 2 doctors.  The first thought it was cramps or possibly a form of arthritis so he checked my potassium levels and sed rate: both came back normal.  The second wasn't quite sure, so she ordered x-rays of my lower back and leg, and asides from a minor case of scoliosis, could find nothing wrong.  

Any ideas as to what it could be?
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The pain in right upper leg could be due to ischiogluteal bursitis. This is inflammation of the bursa that lies between the ischial tuberosity and the tendon of hamstring muscle. The bursa may show inflammation without any cause or in association with hamstring tendinitis or inflammation of tendon of hamstring. The pain increases on stretching.
Myofascial pain or trigger points in the Gluteus medius muscle and Piriformis muscles can cause pain in the buttock area which may radiate to thighs. Stretching the muscle increases the pain.
It could also be arthritis of hip joint since the pain disappears on moving. Fibrosis or inflammation of tensor fascia lata (a sheath like structure on anterior aspect of knee) could also be a cause.
Since some scoliosis is also observed chances of sciatica has to be ruled out by a lower spine MRI. Please consult a neurologist and an orthopedic specialist.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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sorry plz read as (a sheath like structure on anterior aspect of thigh)
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