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Urgent Help, Left Side Paralysis

Hi experts,

I need urgent help.

I am a 17 year old male and very healthy. Close to a month back, I was at a party and had a couple of drinks along with a smoke or two. Close to 2 hours after my last drink while i was dancing, i discovered a very sharp stabbing like pain on the left side of my chest. As soon as this happened I rushed outside and my friends followed with a glass of water. After a couple of minutes with this pain, i also started getting a shortness of breath followed by me getting dizzy and my body had started shaking. My friends immediately rushed me to the nearest hospital. As soon as i got there they checked my BP and had told me that my heart only 30 beats per minute and i wasn't producing enough oxygen. after about 4 hours of testing they had let me go home and had told me i was okay. Before i had went to sleep my arm was feeling a little weird. Anyways, I ignored this and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning and tired to get up, I noticed my left leg and arm were not moving and I also had no feeling in them. When I notified my family, they rushed to the hospital right away. At the hospital the doctors had idea what had happened to me just because I am so young. So they contacted Sick Kids in Downtown Toronto, and transferred me there via ambulance. Over there they did tests such as MRI for my brain and spine and also a CT scan. They took my blood and urine. All of my tests had came normal and the doctors seemed confused. After 5 days they had discharged me from the hospital. They had followed me up with physiotherapy. I have going there for 2 weeks and i am seeing no improvements. They say it was caused by stress but I have nothing to stress about. And in the past week I have been getting a lot of chest pains. I have no idea what is happening to me, and I am getting scared.
No one is sure what is the issue, whether it is medical or mental.
Could someone please provide some suggestions or consult me what could be done here and what could be the issue.
I need your help urgently.
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Hi, first of all, are you taking any medications that you've recently become allergic to?  I'm just going to throw out a "list" of conditions that can cause some or most of your symptoms. I hope this helps to narrow your diagnosis by process of elimination and/or further research on your part. Acid reflux, hiatal hernia, peptic ulcer, gallbladder attack or, what I suspect it could be, possible alcohol toxicity/allergy, ingesting ANY energy drink, dairy/gluten/casein allergy, MSG/Aspartame poisoning, or possibly food allergies.

If and when you get a diagnosis, please let me know.  I will keep you in prayer!

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You do you say whether you have been seen by a cardiologist and whether you have had tests done on your heart and an echo scan.  If not, and you are still getting the chest pains with pains in your arm, make an appointment to see your doctor with regard to further investigating your heart.

Like Sherry5454 says, the pains in your chest may to do with the conditions she mentions, but should not cause paralysis.

Is there any possibility that your drink was spiked at the party?

Keep a written record of what you eat and drink, to see if your chest pains are related to food.  I do not think it is because of the symptoms of your paralysis, but it is still worth keeping a record to see if there are any times when your symptoms get worse and to establish which foods to avoid.

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Did the do a EKG, and a contrast MRI or CT of the heart?  
Was there any brain damage, did they rule out a Palsy like condition such as Erb Duchenne or Bells Palsy?  No to scare you but I had a friend going up that one day went to wake up and fell over, he couldn't walk for like 6 months, and it went away.... I wish I could remember what he had.  But its pretty rare.  Remember if you have chest pain and shortness of breath, call a Dr or 911.  Better safe than sorry.  
Please also remember not to get online and make yourself believe you have something you do not... the internet can be really good for that.  good luck
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