My testes vary in atrophy from sometimes high and tight to sometimes very low and saggy, I'm younger, 18 but I've always been angry, ancy, and anxious my entire life, I don't know how to let go of the anxiety and I'm afraid it has reached my very manhood and they sag lowww, is it reversible with work outs or exercise ? Or am I out of luck?  
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I am not sure how extreme this is . It is very normal for your testicles to drop when your hot and tighten up to the body when they are to cold . It is the bodys way of keeping your  sperm cells at the exact temperature they need to be. I am a PA am also a midwife and have 3 boys also married to a 6ft 8" man. when he comes out of the hot show the are half way down his thigh. Not to make this funny but the old show Seinfeld had the Hamptons episode where qa women walked in and saw George naked after coming out of the pool and she laughed .He said I wouldn't normally care but there was shrinkage, asking do women know about this? So maybe check and see if the are dropped when your body is hot and near the body when your cold. It's funny how our bodies protect your offspring they have to remain at an exact temp or they will die . That also why they tell men trying to have children to where boxers so the can stay at the right temp briefs keep them up close to the body and that can cause a drop in the sperm count. I would always check with your doctor just to make sure. There are some things that could make your body temp to hot such as a overactive thyroid, that can cause you to also have anxiety. I doubt it thi I think you sound like a normal 18 year old. Sweetie you haven't learned your body yet and adolescence is a  anxious hormonal time, making you  moody an insecure. My i6 year old has a face full of acne and in 6th grade asked me 'mom why am I just sittin in class and my privates get tight .I asked if he was thinking about girls he said no it just happens . I tried to explain then he asked when was the stuff gonna come out. The poor kid thought it would just start pouring out one day. So you live and learn your body. When you exercise that will usually drop the testiclles see if it drops when you hot like after a hot shower and get close like when swimming. I think your okay a mans body isn't a work of art but functional and works to make babies ,of which your to young so enjoy your life, Some day you will find a women who you love, some women no about this and some don't all men are built different. As far as Anxiety don't( what if) your self, think in this minute, yesterday is gone we don't know if we have a hour so live honey do fun things. Find the things you love to do and do them take up yoga or martial arts it will keep your anxiety down.If you need me just post me I am a open mom and will talk you if you need someone to ask things. Stay sweet.
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"Atrophy" means wasting away, so that is not an appropriate term. You should be aware that the testicles are suspended by a muscle called the cremaster muscle. Testicles are very sensitive to warmth, and if they are warm they cannot produce sperm cells. It is important for them to stay cool. For this reason, the cremaster muscle contracts and relaxes to raise and lower the testicles to keep them at the best temperature. If it is hot or you have been working out, it relaxes and lets your testicles hang down. If it is cooler, it contracts and pulls the testicles up. This is completely natural. And also - it is not unusual for one teste to be a different size than the other, and for one to hang a little lower than the other.
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Atrophy is the correct term, to wither or waste away, look at em and tell me they don't look like they havent been to hell and back. Thanks. Doc. But my terminology describes them very well. Considering they are my testes. I look like I'm 80.
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After reading the post I understand how you feel I am also on another site were I keep getting corrected. Please as a mom I;m asking you to go se a male doctor because nobody knows your body than you so if tou feel like something is wrong .go get it checked, they can run a sperm count on you and tell if you body is functioning right. Do thing so you feel better about yourself .Men all lokk different .Just like women but you need to know that your ok .I let the people upset the crap out of me asking what did I want from them.I am taking myself out of medical with you and treating you as if you were my son . If my child felt something was wrong with is body I would have him checked by a urologist. That is the only way you will no if your ok. If you  feel like your testicles looked atrophied then thats how you feel. I don't know how many boys or men you have seen as a women tesicles are not the most attractive thing on a man butand just as I toldyou they will rise and fall the skin on some men is always loose and wrinkled other are tighter, they don't get as much change in the look from temp. Some men are bigger and some smaller so just for you on peace go make sure everything is working fine .if it is and your i=unhappy with the way they look I am telling you as a women it does mater. Take care of you body .One other thing the testicles can atrophy from steroids so make sure you have not came in contact with a older male that may be using a testosterone gel .It can get on their clothes and towels ,just a thought .A lot older men are using it but have to be careful around women and kids. I found some in my husbands draw so thats what made me think if it. Let me know if your Ok if you want.  
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     Have you been tested for iron overload disease?  Hemochromatosis and Porphyria can cause testes problems.
    Do see another doctor.  An internist would know about iron overload.
     Wishing you a good outcome.
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