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i has sex yesterday for the first time, this morning it started hurting and i was also bleeding after i urinated, i know its not my period as that ened about 3 days ago. it this normal?
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if it was your first time it could be normal due to some tearing of tissue.give it a little time to see if it go's away .if it does not than see a doctor .it is good that you are concerned about your health.
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I'm not sure if you mean blood in your urine, or vaginal, but after someone has sex the first time, it's totally normal for a little spotting or blood I believe it's the hymen. If you have excessive bleeding or fainting, see a doctor immediately, because that may indicate a rip in the hymen that's just from having sex the first time and not going easy about it. Also, sex the first time, totally normal for some women to be sore in the vaginal area. Over time that shouldn't happen or very rarely. You may want to take a few Advil to help with the pain and instead of using soap to cleanse, I would recommend something like a sensitive feminine wash. Summer's Eve feminine wash has a sensitive one, the bottle is white with a bright pink print. It's at Walmart usually and works great. Hope you feel better soon!
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What you experienced is NOT normal.  It is quite normal to have a very small bleed after having sex for the first time when the hymen gets broken, but this does not happen to everyone.

The symptoms that you are explaining at that of Cystitis.  Cystitis is a bladder infection and is quite common when having had rampant sex.  It is also referred to as the "honeymoon syndrome".

Because the urethra is much shorter in women bacteria can get pushed up into the bladder causing the infection.   It is also important to wipe from front to back when using the toilet.  After sex, always go to do a pee even you do not feel like washing straight away.

Always insist that your boyfriend has clean hands and genitals before he touches you.

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor and take a urine sample with you.  The doctor will prescribe the correct medication to clear this very quickly.  You may also purchase medications to treat Cystitis from the pharmacy, but I am not sure if these are as good as what the doctor will prescribe for you.

In the meantime to help ease the discomfort when you pee, you can put a teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda (you may have some in your kitchen cupboard) (you can buy this in the baking section of most food stores) into a glass of water and drink it all up.  You can drink a glass full of this solution every hour, 3 times only.  This will neutralise your urine making it not so sore and painful to urinate.  You can also use freshly squeezed lemon juice and drink that with a glassful of water instead of the Bicarbonate of Soda.

Make sure that you keep drinking plenty of water to flush out the bacteria.

For the soreness, you can also apply natural set yogurt to your cleaned and gently dried vaginal area.  Only use water and perfume free soaps, soaps with a pH level like our skin or baby washes.  You can apply the yogurt as many times as you need without getting any side effects.

When having sex, make sure too that you are fully aroused (ready for the man to enter) and use lubricants to help with any dryness. The man too can apply some lubricant to his private area and this will help to minimise any soreness.  Getting sore when having sexual intercourse can happen if you are not lubricated enough.    Always use protection to avoid getting pregnant and minimise getting any sexually transmitted diseases if you do not have a regular partner.  If you find you have an allergy to latex, these days you can get latex free condoms.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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