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Very deep lump on back of neck on spine

I recently found a very deep lump on the back of my neck on top of my spine and extending to the right.  At first I thought it was a muscle not because I noticed it while sitting at the computer for a long time doing a project and it began to hurt.  It has not decreased or increased in size within the week that i have noticed it.  I am having some tingling sensations on top of my shoulders, and am guessing that this is related.  I am quite nervous about this, and am beginning to think I should go to the student health clinic at my University, but doubt they will be able to tell me much of anything except its a swollen lymph node.  I have never had a lymph node swollen this big, or in this part of my neck, especailly not one that causes tingling sensations.  Has anyone ever had a lump such as this?  If so, was it just a lymph node or a cancer or just a cyst of some sort?  I am young and healthy, with little family history of cancer.  I am nervous.  Should I be?
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My son has a lump that sticks out and can be easially felt.  It is at the lumbar section of his back and on the spine then to the left. His MRI showed a huge herniated disk. He has had it for a long time and it really didn't respond to steroid injections or anti-inflammitory meds.  He needs surgery but has no medical insurance. He does have pinched nerves which do give the symptoms of numbness,pain,burning,pins & needles.  I would suggest that you see a neurosurgeon.  You may need to see your reg. dr. 1st for a check-up and x-ray,then a referral if nothing that the dr. does for you works.  Good Luck.  Either way try heat packs or ice -you can alternate; and try Advil type medicine for the inflamation. It could be a pulled muscle with a huge spasm knot at the very least.

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