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Very strange ball in my neck

Hello again. I have this thing in my neck that I originally believed to be one of my glands, but now I'm not so sure. I can't really feel it until it shoots upwards in my neck and gets stuck and is very painful. When this happens, I can't twist my neck at all and I can't open my mouth, but I pretty much have to try and twist my neck and open my jaw for it to shoot back to its original position. I don't think its a lymph node because it seems too big and seems like its growing, but I am no doctor. Plus I'm not sure if lymph nodes can move around like that. Anyways, I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and my last two doctors didn't have any idea what it was and gave me a mono- and a thyroid test which both came back ok so they didn't seem concerned. This problem really needs to be address though because it'll get stuck for up to a minute sometimes and I get really freaked out because it almost feels like it'll get stuck there for good sometimes and gives me weird ligament feeling pains all the way down to my left shoulder ( this ball is on the left side of my neck close to my glands [and it might even be my gland]} Sorry for the long post and thank you!
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The lump could be a neurofibroma or a tumor of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. These tumors can become prominent when the muscle contracts as in turning head. Other than that it could be a mobile swollen lymphnode that has got embedded in a muscle. The only way to know for sure is go for a CT scan. Please consult a doctor and get this examined.
  Hope this helps. Take care!
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Hi,Please be very careful with twisting your neck.It could be combination of calcification of TMJ and carotid.I would advise you to se a dentist and have a panoramic x ray of your teeth taken.
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hello i might have a anwser to your question and i have a 8 yr old son who has the same thing has u since he was bout 5 i have been to all sorts of doctors the british to chinese and i can somehow assure u that it is a lymph note. u see lymph note r everywhere in our body most places that they r there is toomuch fat there so it cant be seen but on place where there is no fat it can be seen and can sometimes be painfull with cold or flu to trigger it off. it does move around it does change in size believe me it does.i had a choice for my son to have a operation to remove but i was given a advice for a very wise doctor to leave ot alon it is part of who we r and and body internalll it does no harm and i if was to go with the surgery option the scar would be more noticeable i hope this help.
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