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Vitamin B12 level is 795

I am 57 year old male. I am recently having pain near the lateral side of left triceps and 2 kgs of weight loss in last 2 months. The triceps pain started earlier but it worsened in the last 2 months. Doctor gave B complex twice daily and prescribed several tests. Cardiac tests (echo and EKG) are normal, chest X ray normal, left hand X ray detected cervical spondylosis. Now I also did several blood test-CBC, thyroid, lipid profile, blood sugar, creatinine, potassium, sodium. Everything is normal except Vitamin B12 level. The range level of the lab was 200 to 850. My test result was 795. Though it is still within range, I think my level is very high in my opinion. I searched internet and saw that high B12 is sometimes related to leukemia and liver malignancies. I again say the CBC is completely normal (Can leukemia be ruled out if I have normal CBC ? ) . I am very concerned regarding recent 2 kg weight loss and this high B12. I am always a slim person with normal weight. I am not alcoholic. I was a regular smoker but left smoking completely 5 years back. What is causing this high B12? Seeking answers from from people who know about blood and liver disorders.
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you mentioned you are taking b complex which whill boost b12  unless it  was 795 before supplenents.. but  b12  may not related to cancer.. if body has caner  CMP and CBC parameters vary ...  did you have MRI where you have pain... that should answer
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