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Vomiting bloods, heart racing, dizzy

Last night, i used a good amount of cocaine. I also drank a lot of alcohol, and smoed "hash oil" or concentrated THC. i probably did about 4 "lines" of cocaine total (not sure exactly how much each line consisted of), over a period of 4 hours. after i smoked the hash oil, i started feeling extremely dizzy, nauseated, heavy breathing, and vomiting what im pretty sure was blood. at first i vomited normal yellowish collored vomit, then i began wretching hard, and eventually it was just saliva and blood, or at least thats what it looked like. i really thought i was going to die, and i have no idea why i didnt find a way to get to the hospital immediately. i left the room so none of my friends know about me vomiting blood. either way i soon fell asleep, and woke up this morning and walked back to my dorm. I feel fine now, and its been about 18 hours. i havent had any substance today and dont plan to in the near future, if so, it would only be alcohol and in smaller amounts. no drugs again. i just wanted to know what could have possibly happened to me, and what should i do, because im currently sober and feel fine, my throat pretty soar though thats about it.
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Thank your lucky stars you're still alive.
If I were you, I would still check with my doctor, just to ensure everything is OK.
I knew of someone who choked on his own vomit in his sleep after a night
of heavy drug and alcohol consumption. He was your age.

Alcohol, hash oil, cocaine, all in one evening?
What's up with all this dulce8910? There must be a lot going on in your life.
If you think you have an issue with any substance abuse, whether alcohol or  drugs, consider going for counselling.
Be very realistic about it, as it is easy to fall in the trap of denial. "Who me? Drug and alcohol abuse? No way!"
Very typical internal dialogue...

You overdosed and almost killed yourself.
Next time it could be the last one.
I'm not here to lecture you, just to bring you some realistic awareness.
It's your life, take care of it, it's precious!

Best wishes!
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so you really think i overdosed? you really think i almost died?
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I agree with the other post. You had a overdose. You are lucky to be here. All it takes is to get one bad chemical in one of your drugs and your gone. The question really is why are you doing this to yourself? It isn't just the high. I'm not a doctor but this isn't the way to go. Try to find something else that is more important in your life to you like you to start with. After that really have reality check and try to get help. If you did all that stuff it is a lot. You say you won't do it again. When the next  problem happens or the next person talks you into it it really might be your last. So, get help. But in the mean time see a doctor that is what they are for. Just see if your heart is still ticking ok and they can check your blood levels to see if you are dehydrated and maybe they can refer you to someone for help if you want it.
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