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WBC count

What is considered a high WBC on a blood lab? And is there any general rule for disclosing results to the patient? I was told my labs were normal but after requesting the results from med recs myself I saw my count was 11.4 and considered high. Is this cause for concern? Or is it not high enough to be considered abnormal?

The reason for visit:
I went to the ER due to finding a lump on the very back-top of my tongue while using a scraper, I must’ve popped it because I felt an ooze down my throat and coughed out a large bloody mucousy glob and the lump was noticeably smaller.  I had felt like there was something in my throat that wouldn’t come up for about a week but thought i just maybe a swelled tonsil or lodged calculus or something because i felt like i was fighting off a cold or something (i was also tired and concentration wasn’t at best etc but no pain/sore throat/fever). Well the sensation of something in my throat was this tongue lump as it was noticeably not there after the glob came out. Worried I immediately manually felt inside as far back as i could for anything else that I couldn’t see and found a huge lump probably 5x the size of the tongues just past the uvula where tongue continues to throat. Along with a ton of small round bumps all along the sides of the lump and of my throat. The provider at the ER didn’t examine me well (no scope no depressor barely a peak for 2 seconds) and sent me home with gerd instructions...I’ve never even had heartburn. So I wasn’t happy that he wouldn’t even use a scope let alone an X-ray to confirm the lumps presence or how far they go. I’m a middle aged smoker so it’s not something to blow off in my opinion. The discharge summary listed the tests I had done but the results column not  included - which I thought was strange as they usually say “positive/negative/normal” etc. so I requested the labs from the records department myself to confirm i was ok.
And there it was, the WBC was 11.4 w “high” next to it. I have made an appt to see PCP but not for almost two months and the selection not stellar on state ins so my outlook for treatment is grim at the moment.

Needless to say I’m concerned but  wondering if this is a usual practice for result disclosure or not?

What is the opinion on 11.4 WBC count w my symptoms? Should I go to another ER or urgent care?
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11.4 is barley elevated. I wouldn't worry about it.
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