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My friend has claimed to have white small worm like things coming out of his body. Also, a darker color little bigger one with hair on it that have come out of his legs.He said the white ones have came out of his ears, mouth, and even his eyes. VERY SCARY!!
I haven't seen them myself but this is h uuuu s second time with this. He said it's not anything like ringworm and the white one doesn't look like a worm he's ever seen.
It's like stringy and almost hair or thread like.
Has anyone experienced something like this???
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The threadworm/pinworm eggs can survive on surfaces up to 3 weeks. Usually, other types of worms live in water or soil or a host (human, animal or insect) in the form of a cyst or egg or larvae etc. cysts of other worms can last longer outside in the soil but this doesn't sound typical. There are parasites that can go into the eye and pass through it etc. but I haven't heard of one coming out of the eye. So, it makes me wonder what is going on really.
Let us know what happens.
take care,
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Pinworms and Threadworms are the same.
They are common throughout the world and they live in the anus.  They look like very thin white threads, hence their name.  

The female comes out in the evening to lay her eggs on the outside of the anal canal and this is what causes all the itching.

Hygiene is extremely important.  Wash your hands before eating any food and after using the toilet.

Try not to scratch your bottom.  The eggs that cannot be seen by the naked eye, stick to the fingers and finger nails, when you then eat without washing your hands, or put your fingers to your mouth, the eggs travel down to the intestinal tubes where they hatch and the cycle starts over again.  

Eggs of threadworms can be stuck to door handles and other objects or on people peoples fingers.  So if your friend has touched any contaminated door handle (that could be anywhere not just in his house) that is how he will have got infected with these worms.  Don't  share towels and bedding, which need to be washed on a hot setting.

Sometimes the thread worms do travel away from the anal canal and can cause other problems.

If these worms were just causing an itching bottom and coming out from the anus, sometimes they are visible on the stools, then I would have suggested getting a medication from the pharmacy to treat them.  

The important thing is to get these worms identified especially as they are coming out of other parts of his body.  Worms that enter the lungs can cause breathing problems and that is why your friend needs medical attention urgently to identify the parasite and get the correct medication immediately.

Best wishes.
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He needs to see a doctor as soon as possible, preferably one that specialized in parasitic disease. This is nothing to play with.
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Thank you for the information. I'm very worried about him so I think the best thing is to get him to the doctor first thing in the morning too.
He didn't travel anywhere.
He bought a house and moved in about 6 months ago and feels like the worms were in the house.
But wouldn't that be untrue because they can't live outside the body for more than 2-3 weeks????
So it can't be the house if that is true.
Thanks again. I will let you know what happens.
Is pin worm and thread worm the same thing???
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Firstly, there are two types of worms that are possible one is guinea worm the other is a pin worm. The guinea worm is from travel to another country outside the US such as Africa or some other countries have it and then you drink contaminated water. If he has not traveled outside the country he probably doesn't have guinea worm. But guinea worm can go to any part of the body as you mentioned. It causes pain and inflammation and comes out of the legs and feet etc. It is a larger long worm. The pin worm is more common and usually is localized to the anal area. It itches terribly. It is a very small white worm. Since you say it is all over the body he would have to see an infectious disease specialist or other doctor that understands what parasites look like. Since he is having trouble breathing it may be stress such as a panic attack or perhaps something worse. Since we don't know for sure you need to get him in to see a doctor right away. If it is pin worm make sure the doctor gives him specific instructions on medication but also how to deal with cleaning up the house of eggs from the parasite. Let me know if it is pin worm I can help you with the clean up instructions on that.

Sometimes with parasitic infections you can get multiple types of worm infestations so there could be other types depending on where he was and what was in the soil or water that was contaminated.

Let us know how he does.
take care,
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He needs to see his doctor or be seen by a specialist that knows about parasites.  

I believe that you have written another post saying that your friend is experiencing difficulty breathing.  In this case it is very urgent for him to get medical attention.

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