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Water Dripping Sensation and Cold Spots on Body

I have been experiencing water dripping sensation down my left leg for several weeks and recently now it has extended to my right leg.  Also, recently I noticed getting tiny cold spots randomly over my entire body and sometimes cold sweat in the feet.  I have been to my PCP and was refered to a Nuero.  All blood work (inlcuding A1C and B12) have come back normal.  I also had a full body scan done and the results were also normal.  I do have a nerve test (legs) come up in the couple of weeks.  The only thing I can think of that would have triggered anything is my dx of Acid Reflux (6 months ago) and have been off that medication (Protonix) for the last 3 months.  I am very fearful it is early stages of something like MS.  Overall I am healthy and not overweight.  I know my stress level has risen due to this ordeal.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated getting to the cuase.
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Don't panic. It really could be anything. To rule out MS, did the neurologist order an MRI on your brain and spine? And you said that all blood work came back normal, correct?
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Thanks for the quick response.  I have had CT scans done on the brain (came out normal), however, no MRIs as yet.  I have also had a spinal tap about 6 months ago and also was normal (clear fluid).  Yes, the blood test results were within normal parameters.  I eat very healthy foods everyday : oatmeal with grounded flaxseed in the morning, plain turkey & mayo sandwhich on wheat bread for lunch, and healthy dinner.  Hope that helps.
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Hi there,

MRI's would be the best test in detecting "lesions" in the brain and spine because these machines are stronger than CT scans. CT scans generally wouldn't pick this up. If you had "lesions"  in the brain and spine (it means scarring of the Myelin tissue that protects nerve fibers), it would be highly suspicious of MS. No other diesase would really produce brain lesions, unless you had severe trauma to the head. MS would be on top of the list for a doctor. "Lesions" generally cause "neurological symptoms" for the person. Such as tingling, pins & needles sensations, numbness, difficulty walking, weakness, off balance etc. The symptoms you stated sounds neurological which is why your PCP recommended you see a neurologist. Good news is that your spinal tap came out normal, however, it was 6 months ago. So I would suggest you see a neurologist and have them do an MRI on your brain and spine to see if you have "lesions".

I don't want to sound like you have this condition because I'm not a doctor!! But it would probably be good for your own peace of mind to have these tests done so you can rule out MS.  

Also, generally speaking, MS patients seem to have low Vitamin D levels. Do you recall what your Vitamin D level was? Because that could also hint towards this being a neurological problem.
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Sorry for the delay in responding back to you.  I much appreciate your feedback.  Since the post, I had scheduled the MRI for both the brain and spine.  I met with my Nuero this morning and the scan came back "normal", that is no issues or lesions.  He requested I have some additonal lab work and circle back with him next week, where he will also perform an EMG test.  He did not think the Vitamin D test or a spinal tap was necessary at this point in time.

Again, thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
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Great to hear your MRIs came back normal. That's really good. Hopefully, the other tests and the EMG will give you some answers you're looking for!
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