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Weak Stomach

Hi I'm 26, I have been feeling kinda sick. I think it is all my stomach that has something to do with it. My problem is i feel weak, can't breath steady when i feel like this, it also make me light head, tired, and diarrhea. Some times i think i didn't get enought sleep, but even tho i do get enought sleep i still feel the same. And the other thing is that i also have low blood pressure of 90/58. Maybe that is the problem, i really don't know. I went to the doc awhile ago they never said anything just take blood work. Is there something i could do or see about this problem?

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You probably had a mild case of food poisoning with your system throwing out all the disagreeable stuff from your stomach. Take an OTC lactobacillus preparation and yoghurt with your meals. Drink plenty of fluids. Eat light, do not stay hungry but eat simple things like toast, porridge, cereals, crackers etc. Take ORS. Take over the counter antacid and antiemetic (this SOS for vomiting). Watch out for a day or two with this treatment. If still the symptoms persist, then you may need an antibiotic for the gut and would need to see a doctor. If after the antibiotic course too the symptoms persist, then there is a chance that you have developed either IBS or some food intolerance. In that case you would need to consult a gastroenterologist.
Please go through as advised. In all probability things will settle down. At any time you feel that symptoms are worsening (more than 8-10 loose stools in 24 hrs, vomiting, feeling faint, high fever etc) please go to the ER.
It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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hmmm it could be a tummy bug. if anything the next tim you go to the doctors they'll make you go poo poo in a cup and sample it to make sure there is no parasites or overgrowth of bacteria like cdiff. if you're light headed and have a hard time breathing, that may be a sign of asthma. your symptoms are a bit vague. i would just go see a doctor. i'm a nursing student so i don't know as much as a doctor would :) good luck! i hope you feel better!
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