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Weak muscles and joints

Hi, I'm Helen, 39 years old.
For 2 years I've been to different doctors to find out what my problem is, until now they couldn't find anything. I hope someone can help me here.
The problem started about two years ago with a heart bit up to 180 bits a min, I went to hospital and they couldn't find anything wrong, the next day I got a little weakness in my legs but I didn't take it seriously. after a year it started to get weaker and not only my legs was effected but also the muscles of my whole body, my legs, my arms, fingers, toys, face, neck, back even breathing problems that I think must be even internal muscles. Every little muscle was weak and I even couldn't lift a booklet with my hand or fingers. I went to neurologist and they found a little syrinx on my spinal cord but they said it's too small to have that big effect on my body. I took vitamins and ate healthy and it started to get better. But right now I guess my left leg has a permanent damage (effort to lift) and the rest of the body one day is better than the other day, it changes. Proteins like meat and eggs have a very good effect, breakfast has also a good effect. Sleeping on time is also important but not too long other wise I'll feel weaker when I wake up. I've had all kind of blood tests and everything is ok, I had a Lumbar puncture last year and it was ok. In MRI from the brain and the spinal cord nothing else was found except the Syrinx on spinal cord. I had tests for anti bodies or lyme and too many other blood tests but nothing was found.

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i have no idea. maybe chronic fatigue syndrome? a lot of doctors dont consider it a real ailment so dont diagnose it. im guessing they

regular excercise seems to help in most muscle conditions. you may want to try excercising a couple times a week for awhile and see what happens (dont do it if your doctors told you not to). just walking a mile or 2 a day or something might help.
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hi, if you see my question dated 04/23/2006, i have been very weak also. had all kinds of test and blood work, nothing shows which is a good thing but bad at same time.  I am scheduled to see a Rheumotologist on may 4, 2006.  I hope they can help me.
People just don't understand how you feel. they think you are crazy and you yourself feel crazy.  I will let you know how it turns out.  They are pointing towards CFS ( Chronic Fatigue)
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Think back to when all these changes occurred and see what it is that happened at that time that might be affecting you... either in your diet (food additives especially) or environmentally (job, home, chemicals used around either one).

CFS is a 'boogeyman' diagnosis in many respects... it isn't known what causes it.  I was several times diagnosed with 'vertigo' which is a medical term that means 'we have no idea why you're dizzy'.  All they did was give me some drug called 'Antivert' (could be a placebo for all I know!). Very frustrating! Perhaps this is why some doctors won't diagnose someone as having CFS; it seems more like a way of giving up and billing you anyway, rather than trying to find the source.
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Thanks everyone for the quick reaction.
stlcard1521-> The funny thing is that the doctors don't tell me anything, no advise. So I started to find out myself what can be helpful, too hard exercise is not good, after every exercise I feel paralyzed the next day so I'm taking it easy.
badone662-> I've also been to Rheumatologist two weeks ago and there is no swellings or any sign to "see" and the blood test was ok so the doctor thinks that it must be the muscles around the joints which are weak just like the rest of my body.
NoAspartame-> Well, in that time a lot of things happened, I was in stress, I was not eating well and I was exercising hard and these things helped that the little weakness in my legs got worse and got the weakness all over. It
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Hi Helen,
Try looking at exercise intolerant problems. I have like you problems with my muscles being weak and a whole host of other symptoms and as yet have no diagnosis. I have been told its not psychological. I have what is at present classified as an unknown neurological disorder. I,m waiting for an appointment with my Gp at present for some more tests to be done. Good Luck I know what its like to have symptoms which no one can diagnose. I also know what its like to be told your tests were normal so it must be psychological. Been there like a lot of other people. Take Care Chris
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