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Weakness in Both Knee

I have a small meniscus tear in my left leg and orthopedic doctor give me a course of 15 days defla-16 steroid course(18mg/12mg/6mg) but pain still there, after that i took physical therapy and my pain is gone but during physical therapy  my right leg weaken and knee joint aching and therapist also give therapy of right knee, aching in right knee is gone but weakness still there in right leg, meanwhile my left knee also weaken. Due to this weakness i can not stand for more than two minutes but i can walk, feeling heave load of upper body on my knees. My blood report of thyroid, calcium, potassium, urine report etc are normal bur my vitamin D level is 26.4 ng/ml currently I am taking 10000 IU D3 per day, vitamin c, omega 3 ,b complex for last five weak. There is minor improvement in knee weakness. I am in lots of stress for four months because of misdiagnosis of three orthopedic doctor on say osteoarthritis, second say rhumetoidarthritis  and third say nothing but muscle pain and give me steroid. On 12th august I consult neurologist after checking he say there is no neurological problem.  Mam I want to know what is the problem with me now? Steroid myopathy or Vitamin D insufficiency or any other (Now I am walking 2 to 3 KM per day but still can not stand steady more then 5 minutes, random twitching of muscles in body , I can not understand that it's a knee weakness or muscle weakness or any other problem)        

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Have you seen a chiropractor for this issue? It could be some pinched nerves in your lower back causing the problems.
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Yes, I have seen neurologist for this issue but after chacking he said that there is no nerve problem
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