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Weight loss, right upper quadrant

For the last 30 days I have been extremely sick and in and out of the ER, the GI doctor, as well as my Primary Care Physician.
I have dropped 27lbs so far, without being able to keep little to no food down. Right upper abdomen quadrant pain is constant and sharp, fevers and chills on and off, lack of appetite, burping, indigestion, gas, and so on, and it has gotten to the point that I get dizzy very easily and also extremely tired no matter how much sleep I get.
My doctor put me on an IBS medication though I am not having any trouble with constipation. He asked me to perform tests "Try consuming things like: beer, cheese, peanut butter, milk. If it causes you pain then call and leave a telephone consult and I will get back with you"
Beer test- it went alright other than the immense amount of pain it put me in, woke up after just deciding to go to bed, vomiting up with tiny chunks of blood. Cheese, cant eat it without pain, same with peanut butter and milk.
I have tried a very bland diet but nothing seems to stay completely down, I may get a small part of it digested but that is about it everything else comes up.
I have tried coffee, cant have that anymore because I cant drink it without creamer. I am already under a vegetarian diet for the last three years, but it is no use.
I have had a HIDA scan but the doctors said "You're gallbladder is at 60%. There is nothing wrong with you." X-ray, ct-scan, and ultrasound all came back with the same result. Of course, this coming from military doctors, so it isn't like the civilian world.
I have been going back and forth between the doctors for this last month, and I go through this nearly every year, two to four times each year, but this one is extremely long lasting and extremely painful. So painful that I start seeing spots and get very faint thus having to lay down. They gave me stuff for GERD as I already was in speech therapy two years ago because my Larynx closed up on me for a PT test, they accumulated it due to indigestion (something I do not ever get).
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well it does sound like gall bladder problems ,I know you say you have seen many Doctors but I am wondering if you could see a civilian one with expertise in this field . I do know that there have been some nasty virus's going round with stomach problems and other symptoms...Let us know how you are getting on ..
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