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Weight loss, itchy miliaria-looking rash,

Almost  a year ago, I had sex with a lady who happened to have smelly *****. I guess she was suffering from chronic  candidiasis, she had confirmed to me later. After a month, I started to itch all over my body. I became week. Miliaria-like rashes began to appear on my skin. No blisters. No pus. The whole body itched. My girlfriend began to experience same. Intense itching, weight loss. Please, could this be  a yeast-fungal infection? What is the best test to do with my girlfriend to identify the cause of the problem? I have visited several doctors in Ghana here but what they provide are antibiotics and the problem seems to worsen with each visit. I have personally done 4 HIV tests with the lastest done just a week ago but negative. I have done hepatitis B , gonorrhea, syphilis tests but still negative. I’m stranded. Help!
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Is it possible that you have a parasite? It would be highly unlikely for you and your girlfriend to both get all over itching from someone with a genital yeast infection.

Have your doctors done any other kind of testing besides STD testing? Could you have mold in your house? I would definitely start looking at other causes than STDs.

Ask for some blood work to be done to look for signs of infection, parasites, etc. I don't know if Lyme Disease is prevalent in Ghana, but ask about that, too. Start focusing on other things - you are limiting yourself if you only focus on STDs.
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Thanks for the prompt reply. Could you please direct me to what blood tests I could request for? I'm worried
I'd start with the basics - ask for a complete blood count, maybe a metabolic panel. These are done with routine physicals, but may be a starting point to find any irregularities.

Ask your doctor about parasites that are local to your region - there may be tests for those they can run.
I  did a complete blood count 3 weeks ago. I could read something like white blood cells and morphology, red cells and RBC line, platelets etc. In all, I was told it's normal
I've done a blood count already. it was normal for white, red cells and platelets. what u said about Lyme disease got me thinking. Prior to the intercourse, I had travelled to a village in another region where I spent 2 weeks. I was bitten by some dark insects. when I returned and bathed, I could feel my whole skin itchy and looking lumpy. I didn't see any bullseye rash but many of the symptoms about Lyme disease are happening to me. I have developed numbed face. it's like my facial skin is paralysed. I feel tingling sensation in my limbs. But could this have been transfered to my girlfriend and how?
There's no direct evidence that Lyme is sexually transmitted, though there's some debate about this. (I tend to think not, but I am far from an expert in Lyme disease, and you should research it yourself.)

Given that you traveled, you should start to explore things like parasites, etc. Talk to an infectious disease specialist. No STD would cause any of these symptoms.

Let us know what you find out, though. This is really interesting.
I have texted for Lyme. NO Lyme. STD has been ruled out by my doctor. I have done liver and kidney function tests. Normal. I keep having very high temperatures. My head aches persistently. My face, hands, legs are numb and they burn at times with tingling sensation. My mouth is sour and I feel nausea. My whole chest is covered with tiny rash. If makes it feel rough. This roughness extends to face. it itches sporadically. my fingers shake intermittently. The region beneath my eye too shakes. Life is unbearable now. plz,what could be wrong with me?
I'm going to move this to our Undiagnosed Symptoms forum so others who are more knowledgeable in areas outside of STDs can help. I wish you the best, and hope you get some answers soon.
I'm much grateful. Thanks a lot
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