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Weight problems

I'm 22, around 5"7, and very much underweight (112lbs). I'm hypothyroid, a potential case of IBS, and anxiety and depression issues. I've always had stomach pain, and was always thin. My grandfather was a striking image of me, being 125lbs at 19 years old in a wartime photo of an ID card, so genetics may have a roll to play.
I've got self-esteem issues with my weight, really just tired of being skinny, looking ill all the time etc, so I started a weight gain diet. It worked slightly, as I gained like 6 pounds in 2 or 3 days. After having an upset stomach, I paused my diet, and overnight, I lost the 6 pounds. I recently tried this again, gained 6 pounds in a few days, and lost it all overnight. I lose the weight, get back down to 112, and it doesn't go up or down, always 112lbs. My appetite also waxens and weans. I usually only get hungry later in the day...once went until about 10pm without eating, and only ate a donut then.
As much as I would like to gain some weight, it's starting to be more of a health concern. I really don't want to be ill.
Can anyone shed some light?
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I am assuming you are a male by the comparison you made to your grandfather. Correct? One of my best friends had a very difficult time gaining weight-- he would slather peanut butter between two Eggos, eat cereal with yogurt instead of milk, gobble down pizza and cokes like there was no tomorrow, yet could hardly gain a pound. I don't think he was ever diagnosed with hypothyroid, but I also never asked as he was quite self-conscious about his weight. Before I suggest the plan that helped him, I am just curious if you've ever thought about asking your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist? (This is assuming he/she specifically told you you had hypothyroid.) If not, it really can't hurt.
Whar my friend did was start up on a protein shake mean plan. He kicked the junk foods and replaced them with foods his body actually wants to ABSORB; foods his body will convert into muscle instead of sugars. I saw his meal plans. His breakfast consisted of eggs, a piece of wholegrain toast and protein shake. His snack would be another protein shake. If he wanted extra fuel before a workout, he would add a banana and a scoop of peanut butter to it. His lunch and dinnertime meals would always consist of a lean source of protein and a serving of carbs such as rice, baked potato or yam fries.
The key is to always combine carbs with protein for maximum muscle growth, and to sneak in calories where you can (like the banana and peanut butter in a protein shake.) Get creative! And if you're tired of the skinny look, you have to get your butt to the gym. Consistency will reap you results and as soon as you start seeing them, you'll be all the more motivated. (Besides, its one of the best antidepressants out there! ;-)) Pay more attention to how you fit your clothes instead of the scale, as the scale is very misleading. The body can fluctuate from 3-7 pounds depending on water weight and bowel movements.
You should see my friend now! He looks great. Toned, muscular, and in great shape. Have fun with this! Visualize what kind of body you want and don't give up until you see it in the mirror!
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Hello, to gain weight, you have to eat. Well, if you do not feel like eating, then u should strain your body by doing lots of exercise which will make you hungry and do hit the gyms too at times. This will increase ur appetite. Eat properly, and on time. Thanks
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You are just 22 years old please do not worry on anything.  Firstly get rid of your anxiety and depression by getting yourself engaged on something that will interest you.  Please do not worry on anything as everyone of us have a limited period to live in this world.   So don't take anything serious just make yourself happy on everything that you do.  As depression and anxiety issues comes usually at your age therefore just get rid of it.  Be contended with what you have. For your health issues please consult a doctor.
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I also realized I wrote "hypothyroid" when I meant to say "hyperthyroid" instead. Hyperthyroid is an overactive thyroid gland. Is that what you meant to write as well?
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Nope, I am indeed hyPOthyroid, which is in fact strange, because the hyperthryroid would be responsible for anxiety. To the people who replied, thanks. I am indeed going to the gym 2-3 times a week, drinking protein shakes with fiber, taking vitamins, and cod liver oil capsules. I've changed my diet, but even with this, all of the calories, proteins and carbs, I still gain a few pounds, and lose them quite alarmingly fast, like overnight. It's very discouraging to be putting this much work into it, finding a good amount of weight put on, and then seeing it vanish within a day.
I also had a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy, and nothing showed up. The doctor pretty much said IBS as a "best-guess". I can't find a family doctor, so the only option is a walk in clinic, where the only thing the doctors seem to know is to prescribe tylenol. I went to one for extreme anxiety, and he said "just relax"...HA! Can you believe that? If anyone's dealt with anxiety, they know that this is a completely useless statement
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