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Weird Abdominal Pain

I'm 35 years old, I've never had a health issue, no surgery, no chronic conditions, or allergies. Starting around January 13th I began experiencing nausea and stomach bloating. I was fine for a few days, and then bam!! I've been sick ever since. My stomach feels full, bloated, and heavy. There is dull pain that starts right where my ribs meets and radiates down both sides of my stomach. The dull pain is also in my back. I can't eat due to extreme nausea(I have a weird phobia, so I refuse to get sick). I burp and my stomach rumbles and flutters a lot. This is worse at night, and no matter what, I usually wake up around 2am feeling sick..I jump out of bed grab a Sprite or water until the feeling subsides. I can't lay flat on my back or stomach. When I try sleeping on my side, my stomach rumbles and I start feeling queasy. I am usually able to catch a few hours of sleep while propped straight up on the couch. My stomach is tender to touch. If I place my hand on it, it will start hurting in that spot.I can sometimes get a little relief, If I put pressure on the spot where my ribs meet. I went to the ER..they did a CT scan and Ultrasound. Ultrasound shows no issues(they couldn't see my pancreas due to bowel gas..TMI but I need help). The CT shows everything normal except a uterine fibroid(which I've had for years) and small nodes in my lower right quadrant that could represent Mesenteric Adentitis. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms, and what was the outcome??
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I just had an endoscopy/colonoscopy yesterday. He did find inflammation and a hiatal hernia. He took a few biopsies of the inflamed area but I won't know the results for 7-14 days.
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Similar,  I still have burping issues, but less then a year ago.  I used to wake up at 2am with a tight stomach and back pain. Felt like trapped air.  Went to Mayo Clinic got an upper endoscopy and Got diagnosed with SIBO.  Gave me anti-biotic to get stop the bacterial overgrowth. Still have burping after meals and bloating after meals and am checking for other things wrong, but it is greatly reduced got treated for SIBO. Make sure they actually check for SIBO MN Gastro did not check for this and missed it the first time.  Got re-evaluated at the Mayo Clinic were I was diagnosed. Was wondering if you could have SIBO right now?
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