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Weird Substance in Urine and other Problems

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You have had a comprehensive evaluation that would rule out many of the major disorders.

To answer your questions:
1) The CT scan suggests a benign lesion in the liver, measuring 3.6cm in diameter.  Further evaluation can be done with an MRI.  If there is consideration of GI cancers, and upper or lower endoscopy can be considered.

2) I am not aware of a disease the connects the symptoms you describe.  Biopsy of the skin lesions, as well as nerve conduction tests to evaluate the neuropathy can be considered in conjunction with a dermatologist and neurologist respectively.  The elevated ANA should be repeated to ensure it is normal - as rheumatological disease can lead to the symptoms you describe.

The floating stools can be indicative of chronic pancreatitis or fat malabsorption.  Obtaining pancreatic enzyme tests as well as stool tests looking for fat malabsorption can be considered.  I agree with the tests for celiac disease.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I have had a medical condition for the past few years that noone seems to be able to diagnose.
The main symptoms are:
1. A weird foamy slimy substance in my urine whenever I go to the bathroom - this has not shown up as protein on a dipstick. It is also not semen according to.
see picture:
2. Floating feces that are sometimes slimy and bloody.
3. Rashes, dandruff, and blisters on skin.
4. Neuropathy (especially severe ulnar nerve neuropathy)
5. a chronic cough
7. Symptoms get much worse if I consume any alcohol.

I have had lots of tests but none have lead to any diagnosis:
1. ANA was 1:640 on one occasion then was normal on many occasions after that.
2.Bun, creatinine, amylase,lipase, glucose, CBC, and liver  enzymes were normal.
3. Protein electrophoresis showed no M-band (not sure what that means)
4.Negative for hepatitis and HIV
5.Cryoglobulins were 42 (less than 50 was listed as normal)
6.complement levels were normal, ANCA, mitochondrial antibodies smooth muscle antibodies, alpga 1 antitrypsin, gliadin IgG, endomysial IgA, RF were all normal..
7. Lung CT was normal.
8.abdominal CT revealed a subcentimeter probably benigng lesion in the liver and a "3.6 cm dilation in the proximal jejunum with some eccentric wall thickening". I am not sure what this means.
9. UMPA (I think this is urine elecrophoresis)showed traces of albumin, alpha1, alpha2, and beta. I am not sure what this means. This dipstick was not positive for protein.
10. Negative for celiac disease and hemochromoatosis
11. T4 was elevated (11.9 ug/dL), FTI was elevated (12.4), and LH (8.7 mU/mL) were also elevated
12. CK,PT, and hemoglobin A1C, prolactin,Troponin were normal
13.Cortisol was 11.9 ug/dl and ACTH was 11 pg/mL
14. MRI showed some spinal cord degeneration but the MRIs got lost so I couldn't get anymore information than that.
15. Some elevated uric acid in urine and blood
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I accidentally clicked post with the box blank. My question is above
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Do you have any ideas what the CT results mean? I have a family history of intestinal cancer  and hereditary angiedema. I also have worked with radioactive and poisonous chemicals in a lab in the past.Are there other substances besides protein that could make the urine look like that ( http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?a21d926a31.jpg )? Do you have any idea wher I should go from here? The doctors I've seen seem to realize that there is something going on but can't figure out what.
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I have been prescribed steroids and antibiotics (lots of different ones) but none of them have worked.  The only medication I take is restoril for sleep.
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Also I tested negative for lyme disease and a urinary tract infection.
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