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Weird abdominal pains/back

Recently I have had these abdominal pains for over a month now. I went to the hospital they did bloodwork checked my urine and even did a ct scan.. My symptoms include sharp pains at times on my left side but my main discomfort which I can feel 24/7 is on my right side. I have been constipated this whole time, I drink plenty of water but my urine is still dark and does sting at times when I urinate... The hospital told me everything checked out fine too.. Does anyone know what could be wrong with me or what I should do. Please this has been ongoing for over a month now I'd say a month and 2 weeks
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Abdominal pain can be presented as a result of many many problems. I always had/have abdominal discomfort and constipation. I had a CT done too which came out just fine. But then I got endoscopy and colonoscopy done to look for ulcers/inflammation in the digestive tract. Apparently I got told I probably have Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  

I recall, about two years back when I had no clue what was wrong with me and was very tensed. I had sharp shooting pains in my abdomen as well as while urinating. Sometimes, stress and bad diet can cause all this. May be try eating calming foods.

Did your doctor provide no explanation for the dark urine? or for abdominal pain?
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I suggest you go back to your doctor.

As you are drinking lots of water and it feels like stinging when you urinate, this is likely to be an urinary tract infection.  You do not say where abouts it hurts whether on the front or the back, lower or upper abodomen.  It depends exactly where these pains are that would indicate that you may have a kidney problem - may be a kidney stone.  

As you are experiencing a lot of constipation, as well as drinking a lot of water, you need to eat a high fibre diet.  If the pain is due to the constipation, this can be from trapped wind, or diverticulitis when the diverticular pouch gets inflamed and blocked with faeces.  Fibregel will help to keep you regular.  But see your doctor so that he can arrange further tests to find out what the underlying problems are so that you can be treated accordingly.

I am not too sure if CT scans would pick up on any digestive tract problems, but loki5335 says it didn't.  Again I do not know whether a CT scan would pick up on kidney stones.  

I have had kidney stones, depending on the type of stone (there are 4 different types) and the size sometimes it can show up on xray or ultrasound.  If the stone or stones are very fine like grains of sand, that will not show, but you will have the pain and also pain as it passes when you pee sometimes you will see blood in the urine, sometimes it is microscopic and not visible to the eye.   You are doing well by drinking lots of water (2-3 litres is recommended, by you may need to drink more if the weather is hot, you exercise and sweat).

Best wishes

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No they did not, the first time I went to the doctor they offered me ranitidine which helped in no way, when I went to the hospital weeks after they prescribed me hydrocodone which helps me in no way and neither place told me whats wrong with my urine or About my abdominal pains and discomforts.
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My discomfort usually is on my right aide of my abdomen, they told me I have a enlarged appendix but no sign of infection. I would say my discomfort is more towards my back than it is on the front side but it feels more of in the middle. When I get pain it's usually in my lower abdomen and on my left side.
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As you have an enlarged appendix it may be from that.  And you do need to keep an eye on that so it does not rupture or get inflamed.  If your condition worsens, seek immediate medical help.

With regard to the middle lower back pain, it may be from your enlarged appendix, but may also be from a lower spinal or muscle problem.

The discomfort that you feel in the lower abdomen and on your left side, is either referred pain from the appenidx as it is large, from the constipation, or from renal colic.  Because your urine was quite dark and you have been experiencing sharp pain when you pee, this likely to be a bladder infection, could be a prostate problem or kidney stones.

You really need to get back to your doctor to tell him if you are still having problems and also ask him to explain what you need to watch out for with regard to your enlarged appendix.  Take a urine sample when you go.
If you notice that your urine is cloudy and smells as well as being dark or light, that usually indicates a urinary tract infection.

Keeping drinking the water and start to eat more fiber in your diet for the constipation.

If you may forget all your symptoms, write it all down and show your note to the doctor.

Best wishes.
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You should see some other doctor in my opinion. A doctor usually should explain such things. At least dark colored urine since it can be due to blood.

Jemma has explained most of the stuff pretty clearly. And based on personal experience, she's right! Organ pain, in your case from a enlarged appendix, can radiate to the surface of body. And many times it is misunderstood for back pain. I always complained for back pain for years, while it was because of intestinal inflammation.

Also consider making a list of symptoms as Jemma said. I had done the same. I always forgot many symptoms whenever I visited a doctor. I also keep a diary, and I right down about foods that trigger any pain or feelings of anxiety.
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But a enlarged appendix, would that also explain constipation? I had very light colored stool the other day could this mean I have pancreatitis?
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I have copied and pasted below information with regard to classic symptoms of appendicitis that includes the following:

.•abdominal pain, first around the navel then moving to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen
• nausea
• vomiting
• loss of appetite
• diarrhea, constipation , and/or inability to pass gas
• fever beginning after other symptoms
• abdominal swelling and tenderness

Other possible symptoms are pain on urination, inability to urinate, or frequent urge to urinate if the swollen appendix is near the urinary tract and bladder. When perforation occurs, abdominal pain becomes more intense and involves the whole abdominal area, and fever may be very high.

Light coloured stools usually are from your diet.  For example if you just drank milk then the stools would be light in colour.

My advice is yu should go back to your doctor and ask what needs to be done with regard to yur swollen appendix.  Don't forget to write down all the symptoms you are experiencing to show to the doctor so that you do not forget any of your symptoms.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for this information, it bugs me though because i feel like its getting worse, now I am getting this pain in my chest and more pain in the lower lower part of the abdomen
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There is also a lower pain bruise like when I press below the lower abdomen on the pubic mound(mons pubis)
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Sorry to hear you are unwell.
You really should go back to your doctor for help.
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