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Weird phobia. How do I get over it?

Okay. I know this is naive. I am quite afraid of the operator at times. Only when I am alone. I have been this way ever since I was around 5 or 6. The voices just bother me. When I was little, I used to imagine the operator behind me. I remember the nightmares I had about it. I still have nightmares from time to time. It would have no face and the woman's voice would start to become demonic in my dreams. Yes, I know this is quite funny as it may sound. But seriously, I want to get over this. I never have. When I am alone in the room (especially all alone in the house) and I call a friend, let's just say this phrase comes up, "The party you are calling does not accept blocked calls." Oh, heck no... even that creeps me out by just thinking about it! This is not a joke, I am seriously afraid of the operator. I could  never think about this when I am alone either, though, I have to deal with it now and I just need to understand that it's not there. Obviously it's not. But it freaks me out when I hear the answering machine going off during the night. I'm also afraid of the sound of numbers dialing when I'm alone. Not when I dial them, but when it's quiet and there's a very serious situation going on and let's say a friend or family member of mine is dialing a number in a very quiet room, that sort of creeps me out. Why am I afraid of numbers dialing? Because it's another childhood experience I had. There was this movie I would watch and when it was over, the screen would go blace and when it was very, very silent, it would make a noise as if numbers were dialing very quickly. That just scared me so much when I was little. I don't know why. Still does sometimes.
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By the way, I meant to type 'black' instead of 'blace'
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Everything I have seen is to put yourself in that position, allow yourself to feel the panic. Your body can maintain the extreme feeling of panic for a certain set amount of time and it has to come down again. Once you/your brain realizes you can work through it and the panic does calm itself and whatever fear you have doesn't happen, the fear and panic lessen with each episode.  

Now with that said, you need to get help to over come this. A few sessions with a therapist who specializes in this kind of thing will help. You may want to examine why this is a trigger for you. They will work with you in understanding what is going on and helping you with techniques to get you through the extreme panic when you are in that position.

This can become debilitating for people. I would highly suggest taking a step to help yourself overcome your fear.

Best Wishes and Post if happen to get help and overcome this.
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Generally such fears have a traumatic visual, audio or personal experience behind them. A psychologist can help find the cause and teach you ways to overcome this fear. Take care!
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Have you ever heard of number stations?
They play this creepy as heck little music tune, then it's a monotonous voice (sometimes male, sometimes female, always creepy) that just.. says random numbers. Like, the numbers mean something to someone, but still. So creepy. D:
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