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Weird random stuff. Makes no sense and the docs don't believe me.

Alright. I don't know if this will all make sense to anyone. The docs don't seem to believe me. But I really am getting tired of this. Ever since I had surgery on my hand 5 1/2 yrs ago on my hand for osteomyelitis, I have been having problems. After I got out of the hospital I started having very horrible chest pains. When they come I can't breathe because it hurts so bad. For about 2 yrs that went on multiple times a day. My mom took me to the er and they did chest X-rays and EKG. But they found nothing. They tested for asthma. Nothing. My chest pains aren't as frequent anymore. Now it's only a couple of times a week. But 2 1/2 yrs ago I started having random muscle pain. Pain shoots thru some part of my body randomly. Sometimes it feels like someone is shocking me or tapping me. It could be thru my arm, leg, chest, back, foot, or hand. It's just random. But very painful. It happens everyday. I gave up telling my mom about it a while back ago. But the pain goes on. When I sit down my rear goes numb. For about 4 yrs I've had arthritis like symptoms in my knees. I have never had a knee injury. About 2 years ago I had a virus that resembled meningitis. It felt as if someone was putting 400 pounds on my back. I had a fever of 103. They did a spinal tap. They found a virus but they never told us what it was. When they did the spinal tap they hit nerves going to my legs. My back has hurt ever since then. But for nearly 3 yrs I've had random pain and weakness in my legs. It'll happen for no reason. For 15 mins, pain shoots up my leg and into my back and side and I feel like my leg won't hold me up. It's random and I do nothing unusual to cause it. This has been going on for years and I want it to stop. It affects my work, school, sleep, and horseback riding. And I don't know if this is related but I keep getting uti's over and over. All I've been drinking is water and cranberry juice and i still get uti. I also went to a gastroenterologist and was told I have acid reflux and functional abdominal pain, meaning my nerves in my abdomen are more sensitive (that's what he told me). More tests are being done to check for blood in my intestines, parasites, and infections. I went to the doc for back pain. He said I have muscle spasms all up and down my back due to an injury or something. But anyways back to my original point...lol....the random pain is getting hard to deal with because it's been going on for so long. I'm sick and tired of it and just want answers. I want answers.
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Oh and another thing that's actually recent. Along with uti, I have urine leakage. It's as if I can't hold it in. I try. But I can't. I didn't know if that was part of uti or not
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Hi sorry 2 hear ure havin such bad time, i am no doctor but i suffer pain & have done 4 long time so feel i no something about it. from my humble point of view readin ure letter i would suggest u r suffering some kind of nerve damage, would would account 4 the random pains etc I go 2 the pain clinic @ Oxford, they r very gd, if u could try & get an appointment with them or somewhere near u the same. I suffer from nerve damage & have unexplained pain throughout body, although mine is to do with the Pudendal Nerve (in the anus). The spine tests u had i would say have something 2 do with these problems as they can cause damage 2 ure nerves, this maybe what has happened?!
Water infections i also suffer with conected to my bowel problems, so i no how bad they can make u feel. I had big Op back in March & was cut by accident so i now have a Kidney Stent inplace 2 drain my kidney which has made things worse, but if i was u i would just keep goin back 2 GP untill u get some answers. U r intitled 2 have ure worrys answered & i am a great believer in 'u no ure body better than anyone else', so if u think something is wrong then it prob is! But plz try & get help via a pain clinic & have tests done on ure nerves as what u describe sounds simular 2 me, i wish u luck, life is 2 short 2 spend it in pain so fight & get some help, Chrisboatlady.
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