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Wet/Tingling feeling under eye and nose

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling like a drop of water would hit me just under my left eye, I would go to wipe it off and there is nothing there. It happens several times a day and now is also feeling like a burning, tingling sensation that has now moved to my upper lip, my left nostril and also above my left eye. I dont feel like I have a sinus infection, but strange sensations in my face. Almost feels like I rubbed a hot pepper on my upper lip and in my nostril, not AS bad as that but feels like a burning sensation, also IN my lip, inside my mouth. Any suggestions?  The bone under my left eye feels sore when I push on it. I have no post nasal drip, no runny nose, no pain in my sinuses other than under my left eye?  
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Various conditions can lead to the symptoms.  Sometimes neuropathy can lead to a change in facial sensation.  Metabolic causes like thyroid, diabetes, or B12 deficiency can be monitored.  

Angioedema or an allergic reaction can lead to tingling of the lips.  Allergy testing can be considered if this is suspected.  

A referral to a neurologist can be considered to evaluate the sensations, and an allergy referral can be done if angioedema or an allergy is suspected.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Wow, that sounds very familiar. I've had a lot of similar sensations in my face--painless electric shocks running around my eye and into the nose and upper lip, a burning feeling in my left nostril like when you get water up your nose, tremendous "stabbing itch" sensations in my left nostril and elsewhere, feeling like an electrified spider was practicing parachute jumps onto my right cheekbone, electric shocks running in a line down my face just left of center--from above the eye to the chin--a warm sensation on the left side of my nose, electric shocks in my eyeteeth (upper and lower) stabs through my cheekbone, very persistent itchy spots in my face and elsewhere, etc. etc. etc.

I've also had the invisible "drops" of hot water falling on me (a foot or thigh), invisible ants having a little picnic beside my eye, an invisible bug sitting in the middle of my upper lip, etc.

Look up info on the trigeminal nerve. That's what it sounds like to me. I have had such symptoms on both sides of my face although more on the left. I was partially worked up for MS (in fact was told that once by a neurologist, partly on the basis of having Lhermitte's) but then was told to forget it all and I didn't need to come back. But I know this stuff is not normal.

Best of luck figuring it out. Sometimes they can never figure out the cause and just imply, or say, that the patient is a hypochondriac. They have NO idea how incredibly, painfully destructive that is, both psychologically and to a patient's relationships with doctors. I am sure if they had any idea how devastating it is to a patient's life, they would not do it.

Nancy T.
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Its so strange that I've found this website and you guys!  The reason I was looking is because for the last week I have had a burning sensation in my lower lip.  Like the pepper burn talked about above.  Today it has spread to the right side of my face, chin  eye and inside of my throat.  The inside of my nose also burns now.  It is really beginning to be uncomfortable.  My face  and nose feels cold to the touch, but from the inside is on fire!
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Wow! i am so happy to find someone who could understand what I am sufferring from.  I have all what you have mentioned, except the nostril burnning. In addition, I have tinggling in my head and on my right fingers and a lazy right arm.  I have done brain MRI, C-Spine MRI, Neck MRI, neuro test, blood test for artheritis and what not.  All the tests cameout normal.  currently, I am taking B12 injection, but did not help any.  
about 4 months ago, I had rushes on my face, which my dermatoligist diagnosed (just by looking at) as Rosecia.  He then perscribed for me antibiotics -tetracycline and Nortite cream for my face.  after two weeks of the medication, the tingling on my eyes and the electrified spider on my left face began.  since then it has moved allover my face, though intensive on my left eye and face,  Now the rush has gone away, but it is so frustrating to live with this strange feeling-so irritating.
If you know of any remedy, please help, including names of good Drs, who would understand my situation.  I live in Little Rock Arkansas.

Thank you and looking forward to any advice.
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Glad I found this website. I've been having this for months. it starts with a burning sensation on both nostrils like when you have allergies and once it gets really strong inside my nostrils my skin on my face, arms, torso will start to have these stabb like itching feeling. they have tested me for allergies they said nothing was found. I use benadryl and it helps, zyrtec does not. my doc prescribed the zyrtec. there are times when I sneeze and my nose drains but the burning sensation and skin itching continues. the itching can sometimes be like stabbinb pains even in my fingernails. its driving me nuts. I am Hypo type with thryroid but under meds. Also have FSGS kidney disease as far as protein levels are stable and kidney function is fine. I had this years ago and it went away and now it has returned but its the symptoms are greater now. before half a benadryl would help now I have to take a whole one which makes me very drowsy.  any clues? my docs are stumped.
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hi mardi07.  i too live in lr ar.  good news for me.  after about a week of the strange burning and wet sensations i also started to feel really bad.  joint pain, sluggish, headache, very dizzy, very tired and sleepy.  then as quickly as all this stuff started-it went away.  i haven't had anymore symptoms.  possibly a virus??
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Me too got this half face wet/little burn sensation feeling since a few months back. It started with my lower left last tooth getting painful. But X-ray of the tooth proved it is nothing wrong there. And then  left lower lip, left face, left tongue all have the kind of sesational feeling and a little bit burn and mint feeling. The most obvious is sometimes the left eye will feel like having a drop of mint water but actually nothing there, and also something moving inside my left ear sometimes but actually nothing there.

Though the symptoms are so unique, my neurologist was unable to tell what is wrong and recommeded MRI. Well, I am not very convinced that MRI will be able to tell anything.

Any advice from anyone?

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I have been experiencing the same symptoms....Intense itching on and around my nose, under my eyes and above my upper lip. Sometimes my lower lip will burn and tingle. Dr. said this could all be a sign of Oral Herpes...Cold sores. But this has been driving me crazy for months now, and I have never had a cold sore in my life. Now I'm not sure what to think. Does anyone have any thoughts on this???
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