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What are these marks?

Before I get to my symptoms, I think it might be good to give some background information first. So first off, I'm not circumcised. Every since I was small up until maybe the 7th grade, I had been unable to pull back the skin of my penis, thus the head of my penis was always surrounded by the skin flap, until one day when I somehow managed to pull it back, but with a tiny about of pain on the skin flap for stretching it a bit. Now the flap is normal and it isn't restrictive anymore. However, a short while after I did this, i noticed a black patch on my penis.

I've had this fairly large black patch on the head of my penis for about 6 or 7 years now. It's black in color and is oddly shaped. The skin here does not feel any different than the skin on the other parts of my penis. It's not elevated/bumpy/etc. It's pretty much just a discolored patch with no other symptoms. I haven't noticed any changes in shape/texture/etc. since I first saw it. It doesn't feel uncomfortable at all either. It just looks weird and makes me feel a bit embarrassed.

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what this might be?
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I agree with CP3kids, that you should get the skin mark checked out.  It is highly likely that there is nothing wrong, but getting it checked out will stop you worrying about it.

Sometimes though, and especially if you have freckles or other skin blemishes, they to can appear on the penis.

The patch may or may not have anything to do with the pulled back foreskin.  Had the foreskin not gone back when you were young, you would have probably needed a small operation as an adult.
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It may well be time to see a dermatologist to find out for sure!  Perhaps some damage was done to that area when you fored the foreskin back and it's a necrotic area?  Do you have sensation at that area?  I don't know if you have seen a derm already, or even a urologist with the explanations of what you did that long ago...but I'd definitely want it checked out by either of those two specialties.  Good luck!
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