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What can cause finger clubbing, dark circles, enlarged lymph nodes, and sunken eyes?

I’ve had these symptoms for years now. Clubbing, dark circles, enlarged lymph nodes all over, weight loss, and extreme exhaustion if I don’t sleep before midnight. I’ve had a few tests but the only abnormalities are high sweat chloride of 53, elevated bilirubin around the 40 range, and a vitamin d deficiency. I’ve had a ct of my lungs which was fine, abdomen ultrasound, heart ultrasound, liver enzyme tests were fine. But I’ve noticed a rather large bump under the skin on the roof of my mouth for over a year now. It’s where the minor salivary gland would be. It feels like a cyst above my gums where it meets with the roof of my mouth. It’s difficult to see it but I can feel it there under the palate and it’s pretty big. One ent said it was an extra salivary gland and another ent said it was just an inflamed bone. I don’t believe either of them. Any information would be much appreciated
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So, I think you need to see a doctor.  Clubbing can be a sign of heart or low issues that are leading to low oxygenation.  I would say dark circles under your eyes as well.  Being fatigued also.  https://medlineplus.gov/ency/imagepages/18127.htm  Another issue that can cause this is celiac disease.  Because there are issues that can lead to these types of issues which are serious, I'd most definitely get a full check up and physical.  The throat issue is least concerning.  The club fingers are indicative of an underlying problem though.  
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I’ve had many tests done, heart ecg and ultrasound, lung ct and xrays. I had a liver ultrasound but they said it’s fine. I know I had an enlarged spleen over 10 years ago. I’ve stopped eating gluten for almost a year now and it still persists. I’m not sure what test to ask for next.  
I am now suffering from multiple enlarged lymph nodes aswell that won’t go down. Is there anything else that comes to mind?
And why would Celic cause clubbing if it’s not a blood oxygen issue? I’ve heard inflammation can cause clubbing aswell. What could this be?
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