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What could be causing my left flank/side/abdominal pain?

About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing left flank pain in my back. It felt like a burning, sore pain and I figured it could be a muscle strain from sitting at a desk in the office. However, the pain lasted and continues now. A few days later I began experiencing additional symptoms which have at various times included:
- sore to sharp pain under and to the left of my belly button
- burning/sore pain in lower to mid back (almost spasm-like)
- pinching pain in left side at the waist
- pain in left mid-upper back (soreness, burning)
- pain in left abdomen at bottom of ribcage extending down to hip bone (deep tenderness, feels like something's about to burst)
- pain in lower left abdomen near ovary area (sharp, throbbing)
- loose stools (odd since I hardly ever have GI issues) with 2 brief episodes of constipation

The pain comes and goes and moves around between my left back, side, and abdomen. Pain level ranges from 3 to 6 or 7. It's more strong discomfort than sharp pain. Urine test, CBC, bacterial/parasite panel for stool all came back negative. I am a female in my early 20s, not pregnant, no notable health issues other than strong dysmenorrhea and some right lower pelvic pain between periods for the past 7 years (presumed to be ovarian cysts by my doctor).

Has anyone had similar symptoms? Any idea of what this might be? Urgent care physician was leaning toward a GI issue - some type of bacteria - but tests came back negative. It feels to me like it could be kidney or gyn related. Any ideas are appreciated. Planning to follow up with a doctor next week if symptoms persist.
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An update that the issues continue and no cause is known yet. I had an attack of painful stabbing two inches into my left waistline for 10+ hours several weeks ago. The pain has evolved and now includes a panging/shooting pain in my left shoulder blade area and pain under the ribs just below my left shoulder blade. I am being evaluated by GI to rule out IBD (which PCP thinks is unlikely due to no fever/nausea/vomiting/bloody stools) and then on to more tests.
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Still having daily symptoms. IBD ruled out, they want to call it IBS which seems to be brushing it off instead of looking for the cause.  Hoping someone will care enough to help me get to the bottom of this.
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Followed up with a primary care physician, who ordered an abdominal ultrasound that came back normal and a liquid diet which I went on for 3 days. Pain has lessened somewhat but diarrhea continues...
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Sounds like your kidney.... Any new news?  I hope you are feeling better!!  I've had those same symptoms and they are not fun!!  Take care
; )
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I think so too, left side flank pain so often is.  I hope they come back with an update too!
Kidneys essentially ruled out after urinalysis & ultrasound.
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Hi.  Have you only been to an urgent care doctor?  That can be a good option but I have found them to be like ER, good for a quick diagnosis but less so for something involved.  Do you or could you find a general practitioner or internal medicine doctor to see?  That might be better.  Left flank pain could be related to the kidneys.  I see they did a urinalysis but am not sure if that is completely ruled out.  If the pin is a shooting pain, there is a nerve that runs down that way called the trigeminal nerve which can get inflamed. You could have a cyst in your ovaries which is very common and usually harmless but causes symptoms until it passes (which feels like a super heavy, bad period).  Burning pain in the lower mid back can be acid reflux. And yes, other GI issues can cause these symptoms.  Much to follow up on!  And it could be more than one thing.  When will you next see your doctor?
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