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What could be wrong after 2 weeks of nausea and a UTI?

I'm a 25 yr old female, I have PCOS and frequent UTI's, not taking any medication. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that I stopped eating much (maybe 2 meals a day) and was starting to lose weight. I also started to feel nauseous and dizzy. After a visit to urgent care, they told me that I had a UTI. I took half of my antibiotics and still felt sick, I had back pain, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth/bad taste in mouth, constipation, numbness in my left hand, and I also got my period (it was very early, only 14 days after my last one) so I went and had my kidneys tested (blood work and ultrasound) in case the infection had spread. Everything came back negative. I finished my antibiotics and it has been a full day since then. Still I am nauseous, and I feel like I don't want to get out of bed. My left hand is numb and tingly, and I am using suppositories to be able to have a bowel movement. I feel so weak, but I can't understand why. I've seen 4 doctors so far, and been tested 3 times for pregnancy, each negative.

Before this, I was doing crossfit once a week, running twice weekly, eating high fiber diet, drinking lots of water. I work an odd shift (2x10hr days 9-7:30pm and 2x10hr nights 3:30-2am) but try to sleep at least 7 hrs every night.

Today I ate a spinach omelette (1 egg, 1 egg white), an orange, a greek yogurt, bowl of plain oatmeal, and a kashi bar (drank 3 glasses of water and a gatorate). I don't feel like eating much else.
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Have you a thyroid problem if you haven't been tested for  it id see your doctor to test it as it sounds like you have a immune system problem
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