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What could be wrong with her?

Hello. My 13 year old daughter has been very sick for about a month. She has been to the doctors 4 times and they can't seem to find the problem. She is going back in 2 weeks or so because that is the only appointment available but she is in alot of pain. Just so everyone knows she is a vegetarian and has a panic disorder. & mild scoliosis.
It first started in the end of November with very bad chest pain in the middle of her chest, and extreme fatigue.
-The doctors checked her for Mono and thyroid problems which all came back negative.
Than in the beginning of December she had slight chest pain, slight back pain, and a cough.
-Doctors checked for streph,bronchitis and did a chest x-ray which came back again negative.
-Also did bloodtest and found she had low cortisol level and calcium.

Now it was mid.December when she had again chest pain(hurt alittle more & with deep breath), somewhat painful back pain, swollen glands, cough.
-Doctor sent her to another doctor because he couldn't find the problem.

Other doctor in Mid December before Christmas break saw her. He did a full examination and came to the conclusion she had pertusis ( the whooping cough) without doing any test.

He recommended an Infectious Disease doctor.
She went through the break with very little pain.

Now she has terrible back and chest pain, usually leaves her crying and shaking and I asked her on a scale of 1-10 what would she rate it and she said an 8 or a 9. I got a bit worried, and when this happened last night was ready to take her to the hospital but she refused to go because she
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(didn't let me finish)she hates hospitals.

The Chest pain is on her breast and today went into her armpits halfway down her arm. On the left side & also on the right sometimes.

She has VERY bad ribcage pain below her breast and down mostly on the left side but occasionaly on the right.

The back pain in where her ribs are and sometimes lower and she said this hurts the most. She cries so much and tylenol doesn't help the pain whatsoever.

The pain is sometimes also in her shoulders.

We tried baking soda and water to see if it was acid reflux, after a half an hour with nothing going away I gave her an antiacid which didn't help.

She also has mild-moderate pain in her stomach below her ribs and near her hipbone.

Honestly, the pain just keeps increasing.

Any ideas as to what it could be and how I could help her until we go to the doctors?

I have an appointment on the 16th but I don't know if they'll figure the problem out there.

Thanks so much.
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I don't want to judge the situation but I once had panic attacks so bad that I thought that I was having heart attacks.  At work one time I almost passed out and my lips were blue.  I was rushed to the hospital only to be told that my oxigen was good and the heart monitor showed no problems.  I was sent home to bed rest and told that I possibly pulled a muscle in my chest.  I wasn't doing anything real physical at the time of the incident though! I had many incidents after that but not as severe.  I was in a stressful relationship at the time and I ended up going to see a psycoligist and getting onto Paxil for anxioty for a few years. Also left the relationship and started going to a bible believing church.  God healed many things during that time. Stress does many things to a persons body, so does depression.  I still have bouts of depression because of chronic pain & other illness' but with God and good doctors It is under control.  Keep looking to see if your daughter has phycical conditions that are causing her problems but also ease her into therapy without making her feel crazy or belittled. The pain of it all is SO REAL that it is hard to tell which direction to go. Good Luck and I feel your & her pain.
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Be sure to follow-up on the low cortisol level. Your daughter should follow-up with an Endocrinologist. I would also check her B12 levels, especially since she is a vegetarian.
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She once had an anxiety attack so bad that she ended up hyperventillating and she lost oxygen, turned blue and shook for hours in the hospital. They gave her medicine to calm down.

At first, we really thought the problem was anxiety, than we took her to someone who deals with both mental and physical health and he told us that the pain she was experiencing, chest, stomach, ribs & back was not due to anxiety. I hoped it was but..I see what your saying though. I myself have anxiety and deal with alot of pain mentally and physically. It's great that you turned to god. We're Christian as well.


&I will check her b12 level we do think she may have anemia.

Thanks alot!

Anyone else?
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Thanks! I will do some research and talk to the doctors.

As for the panic disorder, I myself have it, so it could've been passed down to her.

I'm not really worried about that, because she hasen't had an attack for over several months.

Thanks again.
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Anxiety could be a symptom of another illness or syndrome, especially in a child. From what I've read and understand, B12 injections are extremely important for vegetarians. I would recommend the B12 injections vs. the B12 supplements because B12 is very hard to absorb. A B12 deficiency can cause physical & emotional problems. You may want to check into L-Carnitine as well. L-Carnitine levels are also normally low in vegetarians. Vegetarians will usually benefit from supplementation of L-Carnitine. Although defiencies are uncommon, muscle fatigue, weakness & cramping are a couple of signs of defiencies.

Usually cortisol levels are high in an individual who is stressed out and suffers from panic attacks. For an individual who has been chronically stress, the adrenals are fatigued and produce less cortisol. It sounds like your daughter has adrenal fatigue, which could create more depression & stress. Also when her cortisol level is low, I believe she would have more inflammation because cortisol is an anti-inflammatory. There is a natural product called "Licorice Root" that is sold in liquid form that can help get her adrenals working again. It is found in health food stores and online. But before you try anything, always consult with a physician. You can also do research using google.com and check these products out.

I believe these supplements could help your daughter's symptoms and emotional state. But I also think they need to find the root of her panic attacks, whether they are caused by emotional stress or a physical condition, and work on that.

Good Luck !

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