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What could be wrong with me after pnemonia - reflux, diarrhea, nausea, weight loss

Jan 2018 I came down with a bout of viral pneumonia, stayed off of work for a week and took antibiotics. It was nothing out of your ordinary illness other than I noticed the antibiotics made my stomach decently upset resulting in diarrhea 6-10 times a day the last 3 pills I took.

The day I took the last pill, I was feeling better so I went out and got myself some french fries. I ate them around noon, and by about 3pm I noticed this weird full feeling like my food wasn't going down. It progressed into a reflux that made me feel like vomiting for 4 hours after. From that day forward the reflux wouldn't go away, and everything I ate did the same thing for 4 hours.

Then with that came an endless nausea that almost nothing would touch, and extreme weight loss. In a month I lost about 30lbs. The reflux got so bad by March 2018 that I couldn't even drink water without sitting in front of the toilet feeling like it was going to come back. I had gone to the ER for fluids and tests about 10 times by this point but all my blood work came back normal, The only thing I was told is that I had keytones in my urine from not being able to eat. I dealt with that for a month and by April, I went for yet another ER trip and was confronted by the head doctor who gave me the option of being admitted. I thought then, that I would figure this out. They thought that I may have a bad gallbladder and decided to take it out the next day. Once I healed from the surgery I was still facing all the same symptoms.

I made an appointment with my gastro doc who had previously diagnosed me with celiacs disease in 2014. He thought that I may have been ingesting gluten, and did bloodwork for that which came out negative. We then did an endoscopy, and colonoscopy with biopsies all came out normal. They took stool samples, all normal. He mentioned it possibly being gastroparesis, but decided it was most likely just IBS.

I then asked for a referral to the local university hospital because I was then 109lbs, where as I started at 155lbs. I got my referral, and saw a gastro specialist there, she decided to start me on remeron to help me sleep, deal with the depression of not being able to find an answer, and hoped it would help me digest if that was the problem. I had another endoscopy with biopsy, and a gastric emptying scan both came back normal. My last visit with her was July 26, she assured me there was nothing wrong and wanted me to see a psychiatrist.

I have managed to gain back most of the weight I've lost but I am still dealing with a ton of awful symptoms and I'm not sure where to turn. Symptoms are : persistent nausea, reflux, insomnia, heightened anxiety, fatigue, muscle weakness, bowel movements 2-6 times a day (my normal used to be once every two or three days), hot flashes, persistent sweating, loss of appetite, and a general feeling of being unwell. Any advice would be appreciated.
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What was the antibiotic you were taking? It sounds like whatever this is was caused by the antibiotic. The ongoing issues may be related to IBS and the Remeron .
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Azithromycin 500mg 2xs daily
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"I noticed this weird full feeling like my food wasn't going down... nausea... vomiting"

Hi, try these videos and see if they fit:


You might have an Eosinophilic Disorder which was triggered by the infection or the antibiotic, which can occur anywhere throughout the digestive tract (such as the esophagus). The docs probably did look for this in your biopsy, but you want to be 100% sure that they did. An overall generic biopsy does not specifically look for this. You seem to be in the beginning stage, so there would be nothing yeat to see with the endoscope; they have to specifically stain the biopsy sample for the cells called eosinophils.

Don't compare yourself to late stage patients.
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"previously diagnosed me with celiacs disease in 2014"
Having one immune dysfunction means you are rather more likely than average to have another.

"she assured me there was nothing wrong and wanted me to see a psychiatrist"
Sorry to say, but undiagnosed people with unusual immune system conditions wrongly hear that ALL the time. It must be frustrating and maddening to hear such a thing when you are seeking help.

Please don't stop until you make sure that your biopsy was tested for eosinophils. If you have been saving all your reports, you should see the word eosinophils or EOS, and something like "high power field" of HPF, which concerns the microscope. Let me know what you discover.

"heightened anxiety"
No kidding, right? After living through all that suffering and uncertainty, what else could be expected from anybody.


"hot flashes, persistent sweating"
If by chance no eosinophils are present, we can next look at mast cells - which also can cause unusual immune conditions.
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