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What could cause bone pains and headaches?

I've been having sharp bone pains in every single bone and joint for 7 months now. Sharp pains in my head too. I also get dull aches and dull headaches as well. I've been depressed and don't know if that's relevant or not. Recently.. for the past 3 weeks I've had a persistent low grade fever. Some days it's not there though. I thought it was because of a UTI but the antibotics didn't take it away and then I tried allergy meds and it didn't take it away. Tylenol does drop it.
I've also had low blood pressure and high pulse rate.. up to 116 after relaxing for a while for no reason. I've been really fatigued, weak and dizzy. I've been constipated and can only really go with laxatives. I've also been eating and after feeling like i've eaten wayy too much. Wet burps and such (gross, i know). i guess it could be acid reflux. Which could also have cause the recent sores in my mouth...?
I'm going to the doctor soon, but in the mean time..relief for any of this would be good. any ideas what could be going on?
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I don't know how likely this is, but a disease called Bartonella is known to cause neurological symptoms, neuropsychiatric symptoms (depression & anxiety), bone pain, sores, headaches, and even GI symptoms. It was thought to be a self limiting infection in all but the immuno suppressed, but it is turning up more and more as an infection in its own right. Most doctors are unaware of it. I have it and I had to spell it for my PCP after another doctor diagnosed me, as she had never heard of it.

There are two primary versions: b. henselae and b. quintana. They are carried my multiple different insects. It is usually treated with a few months of Rifampin or Levaquin or Erythromycin. A lab called IGeneX does more advanced testing than most labs and is more likely to find it.
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Well I don't have a short term answer. But, for the bone pain you should get a complete blood count, chemistry profile and a bone scan. You can take NSAIDs and see if that helps or Tylenol. Since you are having other symptoms  maybe you should get an EKG, 24 hour monitor and an echocardiogram to check your heart. You may have an arrhymia too. If you do usually they are benign but get off all caffeine, and supplements such as CoQ10 and see if you feel better. Also the wet burbs may be a ulcer and/or GERD. Probably need a upper GI. Sometime having GERD will give you papitations. For that you can try Zantac Maximum strength and take 1-2 per day. It takes a little longer to work than prilosec and it doesn't give you diarrhea. But you definitely need to get diagnosed. Go off these things a week or two ahead of any scan.
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I dont know what you have, but ask your doctor for blood and urine tests and get an abdominal ultrasound done, better to get everything checked that you can to find the root cause.
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