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What could this be?

Hey guys,
Sorry this is a long post but I really appreciate any feedback here.
So I'm 20 years old in college. During the winter of 2015, I started to get fatigue and feverish feeling and very tired. Before this, I was very active and in good shape. I went in to my doctors in January of 2016 and I found I was vitamin D deficient. I felt better from my symptoms and was feeling reenergized. However, in February there was one week where I felt sick to my stomach with diahreia, fatigue and sickness overall. This lasted about a week. Then, about 2 months later, this happened again after I ate a lot of junk food. I felt fatigued, change in bowl movements and sick and this lasted about a week. Then, in the summer (of 2016) I worked a long shift at a fair for my restraunt and worked 12 hours and didnt drink much and only ate wings (very poor diet, I know). After this, same thing happened. I was sick for about a week with change in bowl movements, fatigue, headaches.
Ever since the 4th of July, I noticed this pattern from then on of basically every other week I would go through this cycle of sickness. On day 1, I would feel very fatigued, then headaches, nasal congestion on one side of my nose, and usually a low fever (99-99.5) and sometimes muscle aches. This went on for a couple of months until I decided to go to the doctor. I lost 15 pounds over the course of the summer due to not working out and lack of apetite. When I went to the doctor, they immediately ran blood work and everything came back fine. All blood counts and mineral and vitamin counts came back fine. They also tested for mono and that came back fine as well. They then ran a colonoscopy and an endoscopy test and stool test and found nothing except for mild acid reflux. I decided to take matters into my own hands and I tried doing a gluten free diet. This helped a little bit and I usually do not have the GI symptoms as bad as before or nearly as frequent. However, I still get the fatigue, headaches, nasal congestion on one side of my nose, some low grade fevers and sometimes body aches.
I must note that:
1) Thhis randomly flares up. I was actually feeling great this past month and a half and then this past week, I experienced a flare up again.
2) I have been able to workout during this and I feel good when I workout (besides some nausea)
3) Sleeping usually alleviates the headaches and bring my temp down pretty quick. I notice that when I'm feeling good, my temp is usually around 98.3. However, when I get these flare ups, I usually wake up with a temp of 98.6 and it goes up from there but never gets above 99.5.
4) I notice these flare ups mostly when I'm stressed, eating irregularly or lack of sleep.
Sorry for the long post but just wanted to give as much details as possible and any advice helps!!
Thank you!
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I'd say you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is unpredictable and you can go for many months without any symptoms then have a sudden flare up.  I did watch a video of someone with IBS whose symptoms eventually went away taking digestive enzyme supplements. This is also a good supplement for helping with acid reflux.  Check the video below for the 4 steps to treat IBS. :)

How to Treat IBS Naturally:

Thank you so much! Ill give it a try!
No problem. :)
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You may have a condition called "Candida" This is a yeast infection in the gut and it can certainly cause lots of the symptoms you are having, this is probably why avoiding the gluten is helping some. I would try avoiding all wheat, yeast and sugars, also fruit juices. Eat a low carb diet, and take a supplement called "Caprystatin" It is derived from coconut oil and is a natural anti-fungal. There is also a prescription you can ask for called "Nystatin" it is stronger but works in similar ways as the Caprystatin.
I will definetly look into this. Just looking at the initial symptoms, it looks like I could definetly have that. Thank you!
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