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What did my grandfather die from? REALLY need answers

My grandfather passed away on September 7, 2019. He was suffering from "dementia" even though he was never tested for it. The doctor simply said he had dementia because he forgot how to get home one night while he was driving. About 6 months ago, he fell while in the shower and was rushed to the hospital where they said to turn him over to hospice because he would never be able to walk again. A few weeks ago, I noticed that a corner of his mouth started to droop a bit. I asked the hospice nurse if she thought maybe he had a mini-stroke and she said no. I knew it was weird that only one side of his mouth looked like that. Around that time is when he stopped talking as much. He had been out of it for a while, but always still talked even though it didn’t make sense. 2 weeks ago, he started throwing up black stuff that looked like coffee grinds. the hospice nurse on call came over and said that it was just bile. he did not wake up at all that day. later that night I noticed that he had blood coming out of his nose and one of his eyes was somewhat open and it looked pink. I read that this was the beginning signs of death. we called the hospice nurse and she came and said that he was actively dying and she though that he was throwing up blood, not bile, but they do not have the stuff to test it and see if it was blood or bile. He also had a dark spot by his tear duct, which I think could have been blood also coming from his eye. We got his death certificate yesterday and it said that the cause of death was cerebral atherosclerosis. I guess I just want to know what happened to him and what exactly happened to him to cause his death? Was it a stroke possibly?  Ischemia to the brain? What would cause him to throw up blood, have blood come from his nose and eyes and not be awake for over 24 hours.
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It is possible that the thickening of his blood vessels and plaque build up could cause a stoke. You can contact your county medical examiners office and the pathologist can explain for you .
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That’s the same page I’ve been reading up on. They didn’t perform an autopsy so I guess I will just have to accept what they put on the death certificate.
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I am sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to loose someone you love suddenly.
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thank you :) i try and realize he is in a better place and is not in pain anymore.
I understand. I hope you can find peace in your treasured memories, shared time, and some comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain.
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